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KCorp Rocket League Player Profile

A seasoned competitor

AztraL is one of the most present players on the French-speaking scene since the beginning of the evolution of the competition on Rocket League, from 2016. His career is marked by a rare stability. He has been able to evolve in his style of play over the years, from a purely aggressive style in his early days to a gameplay that has become his own today, with more importance placed on the overall game vision and strategy. Always looking to improve, he spends his time watching his own performances to spot his mistakes. If he climbed the ladder of the competition, it is not by chance.

Originally from Liège in Belgium, AztraL hooks quickly to the game after its release; it appears just as quickly in competitions. For three years, he joined “mixes”, teams formed on the job to try their luck in open tournaments. During this period, the Belgian made a name for himself.

In 2018, he even reached the final of the community tournament thunderdome with a mix created for the occasion, and this in front of an audience. They are the only team in the top 5 not to have a club: their opponents are all supported by a structure. Even if she loses her final against Team Secret, she is the one who will have sent her to the loser bracket by beating her for the first time and who will be the team that will have made an impression. For the Belgian, this is a first taste of success.

This result may have contributed to the decision of the American club Dignitas to recruit him the following summer. In 2019, three years after the release of the car game, AztraL signed its first professional contract. Dignitas was one of the best-known names in the esports industry at that time, with top-tier teams across multiple titles. For him, it’s time to shine – or let his luck slip away. He has no room for error.

This period turns out to be a success: AztraL very quickly manages to show that it has its place. In addition to very good results (finishing in the top 4 in Europe in season 8, then champion in season 9 ahead of vitality), he distinguished himself within his team and won 4 MVP titles, including the title of best player in the league in season 9.

This time, the Belgian finally marks the competitive scene with his name. On the strength of his newly filled track record, AztraL is leaving Dignitas to join Oxygen Esports to play alongside well-known French-speaking player, Thibault “Chausette45” Grzesiak. They will stay there together for more than a year, until June 2021, when Solary will drop its roster only a few months after recruiting the two players. It was at this point that the paths of the two French speakers separated and that AztraL joined the Karmine Corp.

Recruited by Itachi from the Karmine

This is when the new chapter of AztraL begins. In July 2021, the structure, which is in full explosion on League of Legendsannounces the recruitment of its first roster on Rocket League. Amine “Itachi” Benayachi is the captain (his portrait can be found here), and it is he who contacts the Belgian to initiate his recruitment. The two players have known each other for a while on the competitive car game scene. The team was then completed by Marc “Stake” Bosch. Driven by the historic success of its LoL roster, the Rocket League team is expected to perform at the highest level.
But this roster fails to build a strong enough synergy to impose itself in the top 4 of the European league. “We really thought we had potential, but it’s not working, nothing is going well. It’s my mistake: I showed my tilt, I’m working a lot on that”, said AztraL at the microphone of Rocket Wand. This dynamic is reflected in its results. Until spring 2022, the team stagnates in the middle of the table.

This trend is upset after the second segment of the season, when the new coach Eversax decides to replace Stake by the young British talent Noly. A change that takes place in the middle of the season, just at the end of the transfer window. The team was then about 1000 points behind on the season points to qualify for the August worlds; hopes of seeing them there are very slim.

And yet. The arrival of Noly is welcomed as a new breath for Karmine and she manages to transcend herself over the following months. She narrowly qualifies for the London Major in July and earns enough season points to catch up and go on to represent Europe at the World Cup. In front of her Blue Wall fans, she knocked down several Major favorites and created a surprise, before losing in the quarterfinals to the future champions of Moist Esports. With this roster, the Karmine has finally found its identity.


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