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The French Elite American football championship experienced the outcome of its regular season this weekend, after a last day which finally confirmed the positions. In Conference A, the Cougars easily secured the 3th place, and the result of the clash between the Black Panthers and the Flash (shifted match) will not change anything. And in conference B, the Blue Stars won the derby and finished undefeated, while the Grizzlys and Bears finished on the podium.

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Conference A

Cougars of Saint Ouen l’Aumône (5-5) 48 – Vikings of Villeneuve d’Ascq (0-10) 7

Third in Conference A and in possession of the last qualifying spot for the playoffs before kick-off, the Cougars did not shake on the last day. Already largely acquired at half-time (35-0), this fifth success of the season allows the Saint Ouen team to qualify for the next round. Finishing 3ththis means that the Cougars will travel for their wild-card match, and it will be in Perpignan.

The Cougars finished strong, with a quality offensive performance across the board. In the air, Brody Hahn finished with 213 yards (11/15) and 4 touchdowns. And on the ground, the team gains 202 yards in total, including 107 for the quarterback, who adds a double with his legs.

Spartans of Amiens (3-7) 29 – Molossians of Asnières sur Seine (4-6) 34

Even if the stakes of this meeting were limited, the two teams wanted to put on a nice show for this last game of the regular season. And in a fairly electric atmosphere – the match was interrupted by a storm – the duel kept its promises.

During the first half, the Molossians race in the lead twice, but each time the Spartans manage to respond. And Amiens even switches to the lead at half-time thanks to a field-goal (16-14). The 92 club regains the advantage as soon as they return from the locker room and the crossover continues until the end of 3th quarter (23-27). The Molossians will finally make the first small break of the match at the start of 4th quarter (23-34). Once again, the Spartans manage to answer, but not enough to come back, and they have to bow.

This meeting gave us a rather unexpected duel between the two quarterbacks. For Asnières, Adrien Roux launches for 200 yards (7/13) and 3 touchdowns, while for Amiens, Cornelius Kinchen displays 246 yards (10/20) and 4 touchdowns. The ground game of the Molossians was also very productive with 162 yards in total.

Much better on the second part of the season, especially offensively, Asnières finally finished in 4th place in Conference A, with a record of 4 wins for 6 losses. Amiens finishes just behind, in 5th position, with 1 less success.

Black Panthers de Thonon (8-1) vs Flash de La Courneuve (9-0): match to be played, 11/06 at 7 p.m.

Conference B

Marseille Blue Stars (10-0) 48 – Aix en Provence Argonauts (4-1-5) 6

In front of the camera Sports in France, which was broadcasting that derby, the Blue Stars once again rolled out to finish the regular season undefeated. The first quarter offered us a fairly close confrontation, with Argonautes who showed some response (7-6), but the Marseille club then raised their voices to widen the gap at half-time (28-6 ). In management on the second part of the meeting, the Blue Stars validated their perfect regular season and put an end to the playoff hopes of the Argos.

For the Marseillais, the QB Kaleb Scott concluded his regular season in style, with 233 yards and 4 more touchdowns. And the Blue Stars defense again ruled, with 3 interceptions and a staggering total of 11 sacks (including 3.5 for Fayade Said).

Catalan Grizzlies (7-3) 19 – Toulouse Bears (5-1-4) 15

The pressure was palpable for this last match which had a very big stake. The Grizzlys wanted to keep their 2th place in the standings, while the Bears wanted to secure a place in the playoffs and why not pass the opponent of the day in the standings.

And if the first leg had largely turned to the advantage of the Catalans, this return match was very different. Very solid defensively, the Bears prevented the Grizzlys’ offense from developing. But by dint of trying, the locals managed to score enough points to make the difference.

Both defenses showed up in this game, with 2 interceptions and 1 fumble on each side. But Jacob Purichia won his duel with 273 yards and 3 touchdowns. The QB of the Grizzlys was still able to count on his excellent receivers, with 138 yards and 2 touchdowns for Sean Boswell and 109 yards and 1 touchdown for Idriss Ramky.

Thanks to this success, the 7th of the season, the Grizzlys validate the 2th Conference B place. This means a first playoff game in club history and a home game for the wildcard (against the Cougars). For the Bears, there is also a qualification for the playoffs, despite the defeat, because the Argonauts also lost. It’s a remarkable performance for the Toulouse club, which has just moved up to the Elite.

Montpellier Hurricanes (1-9) 21 – Grenoble Centaurs (2-8) 14

This will not change the ranking and the last place of the Hurricanes, but the Montpellier club ended its season with a success, its first in the league this year. After a first half where the two teams were back to back (14-14), the Canes made the difference after the break, scoring a decisive touchdown.

It has too rarely been the case this season, but the Hurricanes have been able to rely on a balanced attack. QB Joachim Torrelli has 199 yards (16/25) and 2 touchdowns in the air, and he was well helped by 105 yards (and 1 TD) from his RB Scotty Sonetti. It was also better defensively, including 2 interceptions on Loic Caruso, who finished with 198 yards and no touchdowns.


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