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Inter revive by reducing the score, watch out Monaco

45th + 2 | half time

End of the first act between Inter and AS Monaco. The Rock club generally masters this part as evidenced by the two goals it scored. However, Inter’s reduced scoreline began to make them doubtful and the Nerazzurri even came close to equalizing through Lautaro.

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45th + 1 duel between Disasi and Lautaro. The Argentinian falls at the entrance to the area but the referee signs to play.

45th | The bar for Lautaro

We were close to 2-2. Cross from Gosens on the left side towards Lautaro Martinez in the 5m. In extension in front of the head of Maripan, the Argentinian finds the bar of Nübel.

44th And who also woke up the tifosi

43rd Equalization a bit out of nowhere but which has the merit of waking up Nerazzurri who have been very apathetic since the start of the meeting.

41st | Interist score reduction

On the next corner, Dimarco finds the head of Mkhitaryan full axis. Nûbel pushes back beautifully but it’s sure Gagliardini who pushes the ball into the empty goal.

40th | Big comeback from Badiashile

Mkhitaryan sends Lukaku full axis. The Belgian approaches Nübel but Badiashile makes a superb tackle to send the ball for a corner

39th Inter cannot find solutions, like Lautaro Martinez who recovers the ball at the entrance to the Monegasque area but does not know what to do with it.

38th Bellanova foul on Ben Yedder in midfield. In a parallel reality, the Italian achieves the same thing with Bordeaux in L1.

37th This is also the time of test matches in Rugby. In tribute, Dimarco sends this free kick well above Nübel’s cage.

36th Nice free kick at about thirty meters almost full axis obtained by Darmian. The former Mancunian was hit in the middle of the race by Matazo.

35th Gross foul by Dimarco on Vanderson. The Italian voluntarily steps on the foot of the Brazilian in the middle of the race. In a real game it’s a yellow card.

34th In the absence of Skriniar – whose rumors point to a departure for PSG – Inter are less serene than usual.

33rd The second goal will have had the merit of silencing the supporters of Inter present in Ferrara.

32nd Inter still have their heads under water, which is suffering from the many attacks placed by ASM. Volland slightly misses his control in the penalty area which prevents him from adjusting Handanovic.

30th | Ben Yedder doubles down

The striker Golovin turns into a passer. From midfield, the Russian sends Ben Yedder to the nerazzurri area. The French international resists Darmian and makes a cross shot that deceives Handanovic.

29th Dimarco tries to surprise his world with a very long cross from his own side towards Lukaku. It’s too long and straight into Nübel’s arms.

28th INTER, INTER, INTER. Here is what we can hear from the tifosi present on site. An atmosphere that we should take inspiration from.

27th The 22 actors finally resume their positions.

26th It talks a lot on the Inter side to try to find the fault.

24th | Refreshment break for the 22 actors.

23rd Interistic possession sequence. This passes from one side to the other to stretch the Monaco block. However, no space is really created.

22nd Monaco’s defense is solid. Maripan, Disasi and Badiashile repel all attacks. However, their raises leave something to be desired: they prefer to release than to raise properly.

21st Nice ride from Ben Yedder full axis. At the entrance to the surface he decides to shift towards Vanderson who does not dare to cross. The Brazilian ends this action with a back pass.

20th The crowd groans after Lautaro Martinez crashes into the box. The referee does not flinch especially that Maripan has stolen the ball from the Argentinian in a very clean way.

19th Powerful strike from Matazo at 25m. Handanovic has to try twice to catch the ball.

18th On the right side, a good agreement between Vanderson and Volland is forming. Interesting to see this from the preparation matches.

17th Matazo uses his physique to recover a ball from the Armenian but he commits a foul.

15th Mkhytaryan’s center in the box. Lukaku does not manage to take it with his head but anyway the Belgian is offside.

14th We also hear Philippe Clément constantly giving instructions to his players.

13th First corner of the game for Inter. On the right side, Dimarco targets Gosens who extends for Lautaro. The Argentinian’s header flies overhead.

12th We hear in the stadium of the applause of the supporters of Inter who came in droves in the stadium of Ferrara.

11th Golovin misses a pass in the penalty area. Disagreement between him and Volland.

10th The game is already racing. The friendly match is not a gala match.

9th | Inter’s response

On the right side, Darmian slips but passes to Lautaro Martinez around 20m. The Argentinian approaches the entrance to the box and gets on his left foot. His attempt flirts with the left post of Nübel who had dived well.

8th Just reward for the men of Philippe Clément. For the moment Simone Inzaghi remains dumbfounded while Lautaro and Lukaku remobilize the troops.

7th | 1-0 for ASM Monaco

Golovin’s opening score. Long cross to Volland. The ball passes over D’Ambrosio and the German continues his run towards the penalty area. He passes to Ben Yedder who then shifts Golovin. The Russian adjusts Handanovic.

6th Dangerous withdrawal from Maripan towards Nübel, The German goalkeeper clears while Lukaku came to do the pressing.

5th Start of the match in favor of ASM. The Monegasques confiscate the ball.

4th | The amount of Caio Henrique

Excellent overflow from the right side of Volland who crosses at the far post towards Ben Yedder. The French back at the entrance to the surface for Caio Henrique whose attempt smashes the post of a Handanovic still on his support.

2nd To see how Philippe Clément’s 3-4-3 reacted, the Belgian technician is rather fond of 4-3-3 but allows himself to innovate during this summer tour.

1st First strike of the match: Volland is not attacked at the entrance to the area. He strikes with his left foot directly on Handanovic who lies down to catch the ball.

1st First hot action with an overflow from Caio Henrique who crosses at the far post. Dimarco performs a diving header to fend off danger.

Let’s go in this match between Inter and Monaco!

Following the referee’s whistle, the Asemists engage through Ben Yedder and take control of the ball.

The eleven of the ASM

Philippe Clement took out the big armada despite the word “friendly” following the match. Nübel will be between the posts behind a trio made up of Disasi, Maripan, Badiashile. Vanderson and Caio Henrique will swallow the kilometers on the coast, while Matazo and Fofana will animate the midfield. The offensive trident is made up of Golovin, Ben Yedder and Volland.

An officialization as an appetizer

Breel Embolo is now a member of the ASM. The Swiss was formalized at the start of the morning.

The composition of Inter

Simone Inzaghi organizes her team in 3-5-2 with Samir Handanovic as the last bastion behind Darmian, D’Ambrosio and Dimarco. Bellanova and Gosens evolve as pistons while Gagliardini, Asllani and Mkhitarayan are located in the midfield. Finally, Lautaro Martinez and Romelu Lukaku are associated in attack.

Inter in blue

8 p.m. | Welcome to Stadio Paolo Mazza

Hello everyone and welcome to Foot Mercato to follow the friendly match between Inter at AS Monaco at the Stadio Paolo Mazza located in Ferrara. Kick-off is scheduled for 8:30 p.m.


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