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“I am reluctant, the environment is not healthy”

The next ordinary meeting of the MC Oran amateur club has every chance of taking place in a calm and problem-free atmosphere. And for good reason, Baroudi Bellou, candidate for the succession of Mohamed Bensenouci, risks withdrawing from the business of this structure.

“It is true, I wanted so much to run for the next elective assembly because I think I can take over successfully having acquired experience in the field of management. Except that the current situation does not lend itself to optimism. I see that things are not going in the right direction, especially since the reason pushing the authorities to grant the club so much time to hold the meeting discourages any action, ”said the candidate in question. According to him, the current climate offers no insurance. “I have unfortunately noticed that the current environment is not healthy; today, we don’t know what’s going on at the club. Me, I want to work in a healthy and prosperous environment, which is why I am reluctant to present my candidacy for the next elective assembly of our club, “he insisted the night before last.

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Belatoui after reflection:

” I am not interested”

The day before yesterday, the false information announcing Omar Belatoui at the head of the amateur sports club (CSA) made the person concerned react who, when asked to know his opinion, almost got carried away on the phone the night before last: “I don’t understand who is spreading this false information. Everyone knows that to take the presidency, you have to present a candidacy file and go to the elections as dictated by the regulations. This on the one hand, on the other, I would like to make a clarification concerning my personal position. It’s true, the idea of ​​running the amateur club crossed my mind, but it didn’t last long because in truth, I’m not interested at all. To be clear, I was asked for the position, but I have to say no, because quite simply, I am a man in the field, administrative management does not fall within my domain. I am a coach, so my place is on the field.

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Debts amount to 32.6 billion

The management of MC Oran is fighting, according to our information, to clear the debt file. Its director Rafik Cherrak seems to be devoting himself to this file, which is becoming the urgency of the hour. “I am very busy with this aspect which remains very important because it is about the financial situation of the club in relation to all these debts”, he had indicated before the start of the Mediterranean Games held in Oran from June 25 to current July 5. The file is heavier now that, according to an authorized source, the debts amount to 32.6 billion centimes. The same source did not detail the origin of this amount of 96 million dinars which is added to the 230 million dinars. The situation is close to danger now that the Oran club is called upon to prepare for the coming season without counting on the slightest reinforcement following the ban on recruitment. Note that the leader remained unreachable at the time of writing these columns. We will come back to it.

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Tabti and Nessakh proposed

Despite the ban on recruitment affecting MC Oran, agents and intermediaries do not stop soliciting these two leaders and their entourage in the hope of placing one or more colts in the workforce of the first team of Mouloudia d’ Oran. Indeed, proposals are raining down on the office of Youssef Djebbari and its managing director, Rafik Cherrak. Last Tuesday, two names of seasoned players were proposed, that of midfielder Larbi Tabti and defender Chemseddine Nessakh. The services of these two former members of CR Belouizdad were offered to the boss of the club who, according to our information, raised the problem of the ban on recruitment.

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Benammar: “I have a contract to honor”

Central defender Benali Benameur says he is waiting for a sign from management to have an idea about his future. Under contract until 2023, this player, one of the satisfactions of the past financial year with an important goal signed against US Biskra in additional time, would be ready to come back and go to the end of his lease.

MCO management will soon announce the color of the coming season, how do you see the rest for you?

To be honest, I don’t know. There is nothing concrete or official. Right now, I’m on vacation with my family. It is clear that my mind is towards a sign from the direction of Mouloudia.

So, like your teammates, you are on the lookout?

Absolutely, I’m waiting for a call, especially since the serious things will start soon, as with some clubs that have started their preparation

To hear you, you intend to re-enlist…

As you know, I am bound by a contract with Mouloudia d’Oran. That’s why the ball is not in my court, but I can’t do anything until the management has announced its intentions for the coming season. My personal future depends on the club and its leaders.

Contacts to disclose?

Contacts yes, but to be honest, I can’t reveal anything. For the moment, these are a few keys, nothing more. I cannot comment until I have been contacted by the management of Mouloudia. I have a contract that I must respect until the end.

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