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Hugo Ekitike reveals behind the scenes of his arrival at PSG!

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A promising 20-year-old striker, playing for Stade de Reims last season, Hugo Ekitike has therefore decided to take the plunge. Direction the French capital and Paris Saint-Germain, champion of France in title and with a plethoric workforce. In the midst of all his stars – Kylian Mbappé, Neymar Jr or even Lionel Messi to name a few – the native of Reims intends to make a name for himself and does not seem to be afraid of this terrible competition. Asked by The Parisianthe young international Espoirs has made no secret of his ambitions with the club he considers to be “the best in the world”.

“I am a full-fledged PSG player. I signed my contract. There is no pressure to put on when I come to training. I’m happy to be able to play with them, quiet, and to tell the truth, I’ve been sleeping really well since I’ve been in Paris (laughs). Inevitably, things go quickly with all these top players, but I don’t feel a big difference, no… or so I quickly picked up the pace. (…) The danger did not enter into my thinking. All those who positioned themselves were big clubs. I’m not afraid of anything, I want to discover the high level. PSG is the biggest club in France, but also in the world. As long as you are ambitious and know what you want, why proceed step by step? That’s how I thought. For me, we are not born great, we become it”first assured the former Stade de Reims striker before explaining the importance of Luis Campos in his final decision.

“Football is at the center of my life, I dedicate my existence to it!”

“I had an appointment with Luis (Campos) which meant a lot to me. It was not so long ago. We talked a lot, he is someone I consider enormously. I wanted to come to PSG before this exchange, but it convinced me even more. I don’t put aside everything Newcastle did to get me to come. If I had to go abroad, I would have gone there. But when PSG wants you and you’re French, you can’t refuse. To convince me, you have to talk about sport. What interests me is the game and what can be implemented. (…) We discussed that a lot, his vision, mine and we were in total osmosis. He sees me as a player with a lot of qualities and predicts an interesting future for me. I know he has confidence in me, he thinks I will do great things and I will give him that confidence back on the pitch.”.

Also revived on his player profile, the one who can boast of 10 goals and 3 assists in 25 Ligue 1 matches last season has also clarified his vision of football. That of an effective attacker, capable of bringing a touch of fantasy. Without excess. “No, I’m not here to put on a show, but to be decisive when I’m given the opportunity to play. The job of an attacker is to be efficient. But if I can give a little bonus by adding my personal touch»assured in particular the second summer recruit of PSG before sending a message to his coach Christophe Galtier: “I haven’t spoken specifically with the coach yet, it’s a relationship that will develop over time. But I know that if I am here, it is because the coach gave his approval and that I am a player he wanted to have. From the moment he gives me his confidence, I will give him back on the lawn and outside..

Asked, finally, about the host of stars present at the Camp des Loges, Hugo Ekitike clearly does not seem impressed, he who sees Kylian Mbappé as “a source of inspiration”. “But why should we live with inferiority complexes? They all have incredible careers, they are all great champions. But they started small too, they didn’t become big players overnight. There was a point in their career when they didn’t have a title. Me, I’m still there. So rather than making complexes, I tell myself on the contrary that I am lucky to be in the right place and with the right players to progress.. At the highest level, the former Vejle striker now has the opportunity to make a name for himself as resounding as those present at his side. An extraordinary adventure that could begin in Tel Aviv during the Champions trophy against FC Nantes next Sunday.


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