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how much does football cost on TV in 2022/2023?

From the historic Canal+ to the recent Amazon Prime, via BeIn Sport and RMC Sport, football fans will once again have to juggle from one broadcaster to another to follow their sport and their favorite club during the 2022 season. 2023. Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Champions League, Europa League or Europa League Conference, MoneyVox explains where to watch what and, above all, how much it will cost you. Because, once again, football will be almost 100% paying in France.

League 1

Thierry Henry fans can rejoice. Amazon Prime Video will exclusively broadcast 8 matches out of 10 each day of Ligue 1: Friday at 9 p.m., Saturday at 5 p.m., 4 matches on Sunday at 3 p.m. and Sunday evening at 9 p.m. The “Pass Ligue 1” for the season is billed at 89 euros until August 28, before going to 99 euros. If you opt for the monthly plan, it is billed at 12.99 euros per month. To these amounts must be added the Amazon Prime subscription. It currently costs 49 euros per year, but will increase to 69.90 euros on September 15. In total, it will cost you at least 138 euros for the seasonprovided you do not delay in subscribing.

The other two matches will be broadcast by Canal+ on Saturday evening at 9 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 5:05 p.m. The 100% Canal+ offer is currently available for 20.99 euros per month for one year – 252 euros / year – with a minimum commitment of 24 months.

League 2

The L’Équipe channel, available on TNT channel 21, will broadcast a Ligue 2 poster on Saturday at 7 p.m. 8 matches will be on view on Saturday evening on Amazon Prime, with the same annual subscription as for Ligue 1.

The other two matches will be broadcast by BeIn Sport, against a current subscription of 15 euros per monthexcluding exceptional promotional offers.

Women’s League 1

The Ligue 1 women’s championship will be broadcast by Canal+, via the same subscription of 20.99 euros.

League 1 League 2 Women’s League 1 Champions League

Europa League /

Europa League Conference

world Cup

Canal +

20.99 euros / month

2 matches 1 match Tuesday, 1 match Wednesday

1 game on Tuesday

1 game on Tuesday,

1 game on Wednesday

1 game


138 euros / year

8 games 8 matches

Bein Sports

15 euros / month

2 matches 7 matches Tuesday, 7 matches Wednesday

RMC Sports

19 euros / month

1 match Tuesday, 1 match Wednesday



1 game

TV Team


1 game



Final 28 matches out of 64 including the final

Champions League

Canal+ and RMC Sport own the rights to co-broadcast the best poster for Tuesday and Wednesday. Generally, it is during the first round of the two (or three) French teams involved. It is thus almost certain to see MBappé, Messi Neymar and PSG each time at these broadcasters. This year, Olympique de Marseille and maybe Monaco will also represent France.

The 100% Canal+ offer is currently available at the price of 20.99 euros per month for one year – 252 euros / year – with a minimum commitment of 24 months. On the RMC Sport side, the monthly price is 19 euros with a minimum commitment of 12 months.

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All other matches will be broadcast on BeIn Sports against the subscription of 15 euros.

The final will be co-broadcast by Canal+ and TF1 in 2023.

And the World Cup in November and December?

It will be partly free! TF1 will broadcast 28 matches (out of 64) of the World Cup in the clear, including 16 in the first round and 12 in the final phase, including the two semi-finals and the final.

All the matches of the France team will be available in clear on TF1.

BeIn Sports (15 euros) will broadcast the entire competition.

Europa League – Europa League Conference

M6 in clear and Canal+ (from 20.99 euros / month) will co-broadcast the best poster to be chosen from the program of the Europa League (Nantes and Rennes) and the Europa League Conference (Nice).

The rest of the matches will be broadcast by RMC Sport, visible for the sum of 19 euros per month.

Finally, note that French Cup rights are still not awarded for the season that is starting … Perhaps a last chance to see Petit Pouet eliminate PSG in the clear and in prime time.

And foreign football?

To see the Premier League, you will need to subscribe to Canal+ (from 20.99 euros). For the other championships (Spain, Germany, Italy), it will be on BeIn Sport against 15 euros per month.


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