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his goals, the C1, Messi, Mbappé, his captain… Strong announcements from Galtier!

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In an interview with L’Equipe, Christophe Galtier returned to his first steps at PSG. He also reassured Parisian supporters of his goals and announced that Marquinhos will remain his captain.

On his greatest discovery in Paris

“The talent of the players. Incredible. The technical quality during the first sessions, the application of each other, the technical sequence…”

On Andy Delort’s remarks indicating that he will have to change his way of doing things

“He’s right. I think I have this ability to adapt. At Nice, I had young players, with a lot of quality, but you had to be behind them often, insisting on principles, details. Obviously that my way of preparing for matches and of approaching my group will be different in Paris. As what I did in Nice was different from what I did in Lille (2017-2021). We must have the same requirement for each other. But of course you can’t manage a talented young player, another who is having a great season and players of the profile of Messi, Neymar or Mbappé in the same way.”

On “compromises”

“When I said there can’t be compromise, it’s in the idea that everyone has to think about the team, work well for the team. At the very, very high level, the teams express themselves in this way. Afterwards, we don’t force through. Never. Our job, with my staff, with Luis (Campos), is to bring the team to what we want to see her. I also have to rely on their experience – which I don’t have – to take them where I want. And where I want, I’m sure that’s where they want to go too.”

On the rules implemented

“There will be rules of life that will be put in place, which I will present to the group. There will be negotiable things, others non-negotiable. I will discuss with the players because you have to take into account extra-sporting obligations players, but very precise rules must be respected.They must commit.And, whoever the player, if he has no valid reason for not respecting them, he will go alone. This will happen naturally. We are not in the army either. I will never make a decision without taking into account the opinion of each other. The most important thing is that I am followed by my president and my Sports management. “

On group discipline

“It’s a subject on which my president insisted a lot: group discipline. Yes. A dressing room needs justice and justice is valid for everyone.”

On the criticisms of his arrival

“I understand that there is this debate about my legitimacy, especially since in the Champions League with Lille, we had a bad run (1 point in the group stage in 2019-2020). But these six matches will serve me. Afterwards, I am not the flag bearer of French coaches. It is up to me to show that I am capable of being at the head of an army of very, very great players. If I had not felt able to take on this pressure, I would be somewhere else.”

On Messi

“It’s a new life here for him, a new family life, a new playing life. You have to have a lot of respect for someone who says, at 34 (he’s 35 now): ‘I want to live something else.” Not everyone is able to do it. Obviously, there is a period of adaptation. From what I can see for ten days, he is a fully invested player. The rest, the whole planet knows what he is capable of.”

On Mbappé and responsibilities

“That’s my point of view. We’re not going to put all the blame on him. He’s a 23-year-old boy, who has some control of events. He knows what people are going to expect of him, but he there are also other players around. I’m not trying to take a certain pressure off him. Kylian knows what he wants, knows where he wants to go, what he wants to do with his career, so automatically, this pressure, he has it. Of course he assumes it, but there can only be one leader. If we want to gain freshness and avoid injuries, we will have to find a balance in the playing time. Then, I want to pair him with another striker. Kylian is someone who likes depth, very comfortable technically, capable of playing between the lines. As soon as I want to pair him with another striker, I have to let it be a different profile. A reference point, in the penalty area.”

On his comments on the Parc des Princes

“I understand them. I did not express myself well. There are no great clubs without great supporters. It is an essential condition for winning. I look forward to seeing the atmosphere at the Park during the big evenings. I know that when the supporters have decided to push, the Park is a sounding board where we can no longer hear each other.”

On his captain

“Marqui (Marquinhos, editor’s note). There will be vice-captains. They don’t know it yet.”

On the Champions League

“Once you are at PSG, you always have the obligation of results. I am very ambitious. With a lot of humility. I came to Paris to win. There are already three national titles: you have to win them. You have to break records. And in all modesty, I tell you: I came to Paris to win everything.”

On his legitimacy to be able to win the C1

“And why not? Do you know who won the first Champions League with Chelsea? It was (Roberto) Di Matteo (in 2012). Who would have put a penny on him?”


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