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Greg falls victim to a crow (ITC Episode 448 Summary)

“Here it all begins” preview, detailed summary and spoilers for episode 447 of Wednesday, July 20, 2022 of ITC. In your daily series, the pastry championship is finally launched, and nothing is going well between Guillaume and Laetitia. As for Greg, he is the victim of a crow.


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The summary of Here it all begins from Wednesday July 20, 2022 is also online. Good reading.


Here it all begins Summary of episode 448 of July 21, 2022

At the request of the architect who will build the new accommodation for the future Master’s students and speakers, Guillaume takes photos of the vegetable garden and explains the project of the teaching team to Souleymane and Deva. Souleymane rebels. He has been taking care of the vegetable garden for months and grows vegetables and herbs for the double A. And then, he has the project to convert the vegetable garden to permaculture. Guillaume finds himself in an uncomfortable situation. He understands that this news does not make him happy and reminds the young man that they never talked about the fact that the activity would be sustainable. Souleymane stands up, convinced that everyone has nothing to do with his opinion because he is not a student at the Institute.

He joins Antoine and Rose and tells them the terrible news. At the foot of the wall, Rose explains to them that they have looked in vain for another solution to accommodate the students. And she then justifies herself on the fact that she didn’t say anything earlier. Rose assures Souleymane that he looked so happy when he presented his project to her that she didn’t want to cut him off. She then tells him that she really defended the vegetable garden with Guillaume and Clotilde, only they have no other choice. Souleymane is disappointed and criticizes Rose for having only thought of her. Antoine, he regrets that his companion did not tell him anything earlier, because they could have found a solution together. Rose is sorry, but Antoine needs time to digest this whole story. Souleymane, for his part, is determined not to let it go. He receives support from Deva.


Guillaume and Lætitia tear each other apart

Guillaume and Laetitia have planned to go to Italy this summer. Guillaume suggests to his companion to go by car for a road trip rather than taking the train. They could thus stop in small villages when they wish or else stay in small romantic hotels. Laetitia immediately receives a message from Tony. He sends her a photo of a wine he tasted last night and captioned that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Laetitia lies to Guillaume so as not to worry him for nothing. She makes him believe that it is a message from Kelly who forgot her charger. Guillaume offers to bring it back to him, but Laetitia doesn’t want to bother him and asks him to take care of finding them a nice convertible car for their road trip. But Guillaume takes advantage that his companion is in the shower to rummage through her mobile phone.

Clotilde meets Guillaume a little later who is waiting for a delivery. She quickly notices that he is on edge and pushes him to confide in her. Guillaume tells him of his concern about the complicity that unites Laetitia and Tony. He noticed that they were close and that Laëtitia was no longer the same in his presence. Guillaume is afraid that Laetitia will leave him for him. Clotilde assures her ex-husband that Laetitia is really in love with him and advises him to think carefully before ruining everything. But Guillaume finds it hard to trust, no doubt because he has been too disappointed in the past.

Antoine sent Laetitia to the Rivière table to get Gaëtan to sign his employment contract for next year. Upon his return, Guillaume throws a fit of jealousy at his companion in front of Antoine and admits to having searched his cell phone. Laetitia rebels and leaves the office. When Guillaume returns, the young woman regrets that he does not deign to apologize and then affirms to him that he no longer sees Tony. She admits to lying to him about his text because he became paranoid. Besides, she didn’t even answer him. But Guillaume demands to see his phone. Laetitia refuses, believing that she does not have to justify herself. Guillaume accuses his companion of lying as she breathes. Laetitia regrets that Guillaume is ruining everything between them.

Who is the crow?

The day before, Marius and Greg found a piece of Alban’s uniform, stuck in the boat’s propeller. Marius has deduced from this that they hit and killed him during their trip to sea and he is distressed. Besides, he doesn’t understand why Greg still hasn’t said anything to Eliott. Marius considers that they must denounce each other. Greg assures his childhood friend that he makes movies and then asks him if he knows many people who go swimming in their kitchen clothes. But Marius is not reassured for all that and continues to make connections between the red puddle seen at sea, the disappearance of Alban and the discovery of a piece of his uniform. Greg points out to his childhood friend that they didn’t see a corpse. Moreover, he has no doubt that the sea would have necessarily rejected a body since their trip by boat. Greg then asserts to Marius that they did nothing wrong and they didn’t kill anyone. But his childhood friend wonders if Greg isn’t keeping quiet to hush up the affair and not disrupt the national pastry championship. Greg rebels and then tells Marius that it’s not worth panicking. But his childhood friend is so scared that he trembles.

The National Pastry Championship can finally begin. The teams must create a trompe l’oeil on the theme of the sea for the technical test of the day. They have six hours. During the ordeal, Swan sits opposite Salome for the cooking of her preparation. A little game of seduction takes place between them. Chef Teyssier interrupts them and asks Salomé to keep her hormones out of the kitchen. He then demands that Chief Cardone advise Swan to stay away from her clerk otherwise he will castrate him.

Marius and Greg fetch ingredients from the commissary. But Marius falls on Alban’s jacket as well as his bag containing his papers and his keys. Greg offers his friend to leave the business at the commissary for the moment and promises him that they will go to the police in 24 hours if they still haven’t heard from Alban.

But disturbed, the two pastry apprentices let themselves be distracted during the rest of the event and missed basic techniques. Noémie motivates them and asks them to start their preparations again.

Anaïs, she is on edge, because Ruben still does not communicate. He gives her no indication. Chief Demir points out to the young woman that this is not the time to comment.

Then place the dreaded moment of the tasting and the classification:

  • Noémie Matret takes first place and scores three points with her sea urchin
  • Emmanuel Teyssier is second and scores two points with his oyster
  • Annabelle Cardone is third and scores a point with her Saint-Jacques
  • Farid Demir is last with zero points.

But while Noémie’s team is delighted with this first victory, Greg receives a text message from a hidden number: “I know what you have done, you will pay”.

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