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Germany shatters the dream of Les Bleues at the gates of the final … – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Germany 2-1 France) – Football

The French team will not play in the women’s Euro 2022 final. Dominated, the Blue lost against Germany (1-2), this Wednesday evening, in the semi-finals.

The Euro is over for the Blues

The Euro stops in the semi-finals for the French women’s team. Les Bleues left the competition after a fairly logical defeat against Germany (1-2) on Wednesday evening. The French fell on stronger than them.

Diani revives France before the break

After having broken the glass ceiling of the quarters which had resisted for ten years, Renard and his partners entered this meeting with a palpable tension on the ground. Their adversary a little too. The two teams therefore needed a few minutes to loosen up. And after a closed first quarter of an hour, the Germans were getting more and more pressing in front of the French goal. Fortunately for Les Bleues, Peyraud-Magnin was decisive in repelling a free kick from Popp who came to lodge near his post.

More aggressive in the duels, well organized in the pressing and better placed collectively, the Germans dominated the debates in the first period against the French women in difficulty to keep the ball and get out of their own half of the field. And forced to endure, Corinne Deacon’s players conceded the opener. Popp took advantage of the passivity of the Bleues to score on a cross from the right (1-0, 40th). As we headed for the break with this score to the advantage of Germany, Diani finally caused the equalizer with a shot from the right with the help of the post and the back of goalkeeper Frohms (1-1, 45th).

Popp eliminates the Blues

This first goal conceded in the tournament did not really disturb the Germans, who left to tackle the French goal after returning from the locker room. But after a difficult first quarter of an hour in the second period, the French women finally showed themselves to be dangerous from the hour mark, by obtaining several goalscoring opportunities. Bacha’s shot was blocked by Hendrich’s header, then Renard and Diani came up against German goalkeeper Frohms.

But everything was going to collapse… While France was doing better in this semi-final, Germany finally came back ahead on the scoreboard. On a cross from the right, Popp relaxed perfectly to offer himself a double header (2-1, 76th)! This time, the difference was made. Because despite the French pressure at the end of the game, the French did not come back to score before the final whistle. Germany will play the final against England Wembley.

The score of the match: 6/10

A semi-final closes at first. Then the German opener woke up this meeting which got carried away in the second half. The indecisive end of the match offered great suspense until the final whistle.

The goals :

– On a cross from Huth from the right, Popp beats Perisset to the penalty spot to score with the left foot (1-0, 40th).

– At the entrance to the surface, Diani unleashes a powerful strike from the right. The ball hits the right post then it is sent into the goal by the back of the German goalkeeper (1-1, 45th).

– On a new cross from Huth, Popp relaxes in the area and places a header on the left of Peyraud-Magnin (2-1, 76th).


Maxifoot awarded a mark (out of 10) commented on each player.

The woman of the match: Alexandra Popp (8/10)

The German striker took France out of this Euro. Helped by her partner Huth (two decisive assists), the Germany captain scored a winning double by showing composure to concretize her chances in the box. She also distinguished herself with several defensive gestures.


Pauline Peyraud-Magnin (6) : the French goalkeeper will not have much to reproach herself for after this meeting. After a very limited outing outside her box, she reassured everyone by taking out a dangerous free kick from Popp. Behind, she is beaten by the German striker on the opener. She must bow a second time to a header from the formidable player from Wolfsburg.

Eve Prisset (4) : a difficult match for the side of the Bleues. The Germans forced him to defend in his right lane, so we didn’t see much of him offensively. Defensively, she was not flawless since Popp managed to get ahead of her to score the first goal of this meeting.

Gledge Mbock (5) : the defender made her physical appearance speak for herself in the duels against her opponents. She delivered a serious match until this 76th minute and her aerial duel lost against Popp on the second German goal.

Wendie Fox (6) : a good match for the captain of the Bleues, despite some avoidable ball losses. Valuable in her position, she held the barracks for a long time to repel the danger in front of her surface. She could have scored on a header rejected by the German goalkeeper in the second period.

Sakina Karchaoui (5) : the left side did not hesitate to provoke the ball at the foot when it was served in its lane. In the first period, she tended to impale herself on her opponents, which did not allow her to make a lot of difference despite a great desire. It was a little better in the second act.

Sandie Toletti (4) : a complicated evening for the French midfielder. Often late, she is quickly warned in this meeting. The Levante player had a hard time finding the right tempo. Replace the 79th by Ouleymata Sarr (unrated).

Charlotte Bilbault (5) : the Montpellier midfielder responded to the physical challenge in midfield. She set the tone for entry with authoritative interventions. Too bad she didn’t have the same impact in the game’s animation.

Grace Geyoro (5) : the PSG player tried to speed up the game of Les Bleues by projecting herself quickly forward to recover the ball and trying to find her partners in depth, not always with accuracy.

Kadidiatou Diani (6.5) : the PSG striker was the most stirring in front. Despite the waste, she tried everything to move the German defense as soon as she received the ball. She is rewarded by causing the equalizer just before the break on a shot that hits the post and then the back of the German goalkeeper. His efforts were not enough to allow France to qualify.

Melvine Malard (3) : the Lyon striker missed out on her semi-final. At the forefront of the French attack, she was in great difficulty. Dominated in the duels by the German defenders, she had a lot of trouble keeping the ball and did not weigh much on the debates offensively. Replace the 46th by Salma Bacha (6)whose entry has posed a lot of concern for Germany.

Delphine Cascarino (4) : the Lyon striker was not up to the task. A few tackles on the ball on her left side, but she made little difference and didn’t exploit the balls very well in the last thirty meters, missing far too many passes. Replace the 60th by Clara Mato (unrated).

And for you, who were the three BEST players and the three WORST of each team? Comment in the “comments” section below!

Germany 2-1 France (half-time: 1-1) – Women’s Euro / Semi-finals
Stadium : Stadium MK – Milton Keynes
Referee: Cheryl Foster

Goals : Popp (40th, 76th) for Germany, Frohms (45th, csc) for France.
Warnings: Gwinn (74th), Oberdorf (90th+4) for Germany – Toletti (21st), Bacha (56th), Bacha (57th) for France.

GERMANY : Frohms – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch – Magull, Oberdorf, Dbritz – Huth, Popp (c), Brand.

FRANCE : Peyraud-Magnin – Perisset, Mbock, Renard (c), Karchaoui – Toletti, Bilbault, Geyoro – Diani, Malard, Cascarino.

Popp’s rage after his first goal (1-0, 40th)

Diani revived Les Bleues (1-1, 45th)

But Popp struck again (2-1, 76th)!

The joy of the Germans



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