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Germany – France LIVE (0-0): Les Bleues are aiming for the final! – UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

FOOTBALL EURO 2022 – Follow live commentary on the semi-final of the Women’s European Championship between Germany and France. See you at 8:50 p.m. on TF1.

1st half: Germany – France (1-1)

45th: BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT OF THE BLUES! OH WHAT A DIANI STRIKE! Bad German recovery, the ball returns to Diani at 18 meters, she pivots and swings a firecracker from the right which touches the base of the post and touches the back of 1 Merle Frohms! 1-1!

44th: Reaction of the Blue! Cascarino crosses too far back after a good job with the ball. Too bad, she had Diani and Malard in the middle.

41st: This goal is the 100th for Germany at the Euro.

40th: GOAL FOR GERMANY! Alexandra Popp shoots Peyraud-Magnin from inside the area. Very good work on the right side of the Germans with a perfect cross from Huth which finished on Popp who volleyed with an outside left foot. 1-0!

36th: Oh Renard’s shoulder on Magull in the box! It is lawful. Bad revival of the Bleues just before, with Renard and Bilbaut

34th: Once again the Blues are harmless on their ball possessions. This time, it was Karchaoui who was muzzled as she finally took her lane.

33rd: This free kick does nothing for Les Bleues.

32nd: What a weary pass from Renard in the middle. Geyoro makes the difference with oriented control and recovers a very good free kick. Finally !

31st: All against Blues end without a shot or a “pass” that makes the difference. Two or three players go to the ball carrier each time.

30th: The contact between Renard and Magull in the area. The referee says nothing. No penalty.

26th: Another free kick for Germany. But this time it’s above the Blue cage.

23′: Diani and Cascarino almost step on each other but the Lyonnaise keeps the ball before being stopped by the German defence.

22nd: On the corner, Peyraud-Magnin misses his exit but manages to box the ball! The Blue spin against!

22nd: PEYRAUD-MAGNIN! The goalkeeper of the Blue releases this free kick from Popp! The German swung a mine with her instep. What a strike!

21st: Another foul from Toletti, this time at the entrance to the area. Yellow card.

19′: Magull hits the free kick and it’s directly in the gloves of Peyraud-Magnin.

19th: Périsset is in turn penalized for a foul on Huth.

18th: Good work from Cascarino on the left who recovers a ball that we thought was lost. She plays behind and France changes everything. Périsset then misses his cross.

16th: Foul on Peyraud-Magnin in the area after a free kick played on the left side. Bilbaut conceded this free kick.

15th: Very confident, Peyraud-Magnin who will clear a ball outside his area by tackling. She takes Magull too, but the ball was played before.

15th: Good work from Malard in support who plays on Diani on the right side. But the Parisian still procrastinates.

13th: Ball against for the Blue on the left side. The game refocuses with Geyoro who pierces in the axis but three players put an end to his race. Maybe there was a small foul, but the referee didn’t say anything.

11th: Big battle in the midfield at the start of the match.

10th: France takes advantage of an error in the opponent’s relaunch to go against with Diani, but the Parisian is still too alone. The ball is kept but a “one-two” is badly played on the right side.

8th: Germany continues to monopolize the ball.

6th: In stride, against Diani but three players are on her and she loses the ball.

6th: Bilbaut! Superb defensive intervention by the midfielder on Magull. Germany had recovered a ball at the feet of Périsset before putting themselves in a position to strike.

4th: Cacsarino scratches a good corner. But that does nothing for the Blues.

2nd: It is cleared in two stages by the French defense.

2nd: A free kick from the right side for Germany after a foul by Bilbaut on Magull.

1st: The ball for Germany at the start of the game.

1st: Let’s go to Milton Keynes!

On to the hymns!

The Marseillaise to start. Les Bleues are aiming for their first final in an international competition. What an important moment!

The players are here!

Arrival of the two teams on the lawn of the Milton Keynes stadium.

The 5 numbers to remember

2 – France remains on 2 victories in 3 meetings against Germany, while it remained on a difficult series with 1 success in the last 9 meetings before 2018.

7 – It is the first time the two nations have played each other in international competition since the quarter-finals of the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Germany qualified 5-4 on penalties after a 1-1 draw. .

4 – Germany are undefeated in their four major tournament matches against Les Bleues (3 wins).

23 – Germany have scored in all 23 of their Women’s EURO knockout matches.

0 – Germany has not conceded a single goal in this Euro 2022, in four outings. It’s a first.

Germany line-up: It will be without Klara Bühl

  • Frohms (G) – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch – Magull, Oberdorf, Däbritz – Huth, Popp (Cap.), Brand.

Composition France: Deacon renews the same eleven

No surprise for this starting lineup: Corinne Deacon renews the same team that started against the Netherlands.

  • Peyraud-Magnin (L) – Périsset, Mbock, Renard (Cap.), Karchaoui – Toletti, Bilbaut, Geyoro – Diani, Malard, Cascarino

Your appointments on TF1

  • 8:00 p.m.: On this page to follow the pre-match on MYTF1.

  • 8:50 p.m.: On TF1 to follow the match live with Grégoire Margotton, Bixente Lizarazu and Marine Marck.

  • 10:50 p.m .: On TF1 for Le Mag de l’Euro with Denis Brogniart (possible extension).

Follow Germany – France live

Good evening everyone and welcome to our live commented page to follow the Euro 2022 semi-final between Germany and France.



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