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General Assembly of the Malian stadium in Bamako: Clouds over the head of President Cheick Diallo

At the end of a failed season on all counts, the Whites meet this weekend for a statutory general meeting of great importance. Designated as the main responsible for the bitter failure, the president of the club Cheikh Fanta Mady Diallo plays his survival at the head of the club. The results are disastrous and deplorable. Stade Malien de Bamako finished 4th in the national championship, with eleven defeats, eight draws and fifteen wins. Added to this is his elimination from the preliminary round of the African Champions League. These results can be explained by a number of factors. Firstly the failure of recruitment, no player recruited was up to it. Those released by the club created a stir elsewhere. Secondly, a calamitous management of the technical bar, with four coaches, including a Frenchman who coached from the stands. Why ? Because he does not meet the technical criteria to train a club in international competition. Third, match bonuses in dribs and drabs, accumulated salary arrears, total demotivation resulting from an opaque financial situation. A sacred institution like the Malian stadium in Bamako did not deserve better. This Saturday’s general meeting will draw all the consequences and the wise in the eyes of the supporters are playing their credibility before the Court of History.

The sages of the club, taking on the heavy responsibility of inducting Cheick Diallo as president of the Malian stadium in Bamako, had real ambitions. Which ones? Lead the dance at the national level, flying over national competitions, then engage in international competitions with the priority objective of playing the group stage of the prestigious Champions League. Such were the ambitions of the great stadiste family. This is why the sages chose to entrust the reins to their legendary former footballer, who had also subsequently become a coach, then adviser to the president.

It was precisely at the end of his career and his commitment that Cheick was chosen, failing that, to compensate for the forced departure of Me Boubacar K. Coulibaly. Cheick Diallo was not then the ideal choice to occupy the presidency, but he was the most available and the most able to gather skills around the management of the club. Or so we thought. Unfortunately and very quickly, the man proved to be incompetent and incapable, and the Malian stadium began to falter, to finally experience a white season.

Not only that the season was white, it was also trying from every point of view. Each outing of the team gave the opportunity for a pale reproduction and confirmed the weakness of its quality. Management struggled to recruit.

Worse, she made risky choices of coaches unable to improve a workforce already in disrepair. Clearly, Cheick Diallo has failed all along the line and it would be the right time for the decision-makers of the stadium to draw the consequences for a better future.

Need we remember that the disgrace of Stade Malien is in time. Only the situation worsened under the reign of Cheick Diallo. It was no longer a question of winning the Mali Cup or of seizing the title of champion, but of doing better than the African coronation of Stade Malien in 2009 in the African Football Confederation Cup (Caf). But that was not the case.

The reality is that the disgrace of Stade Malien does not go back to Cheick Diallo, but rather to the time when Mahamadou Samake dit Sam decided to hand over the baton. Beyond an extraordinary administrative organization of the club, an enviable stability, and the day after the coronation, Sam took on the heavy responsibility of leaving. In other words it is from this moment that the progression and the ambitions of the club were stopped. Did Sam make the mistake of throwing the child out with the bathwater?

Today, on the eve of a crucial general meeting, there is certainly material to exploit, to deal with. The issue revolves around the replacement of the president. His head as president will be put at a price. Because this year the Stade Malien de Bamako comes out empty-handed from a season where it had the ambition to do the double, or in any case win one of the major competitions. But this year as it rarely happens, the club has had neither. He is weaned from international competition next year.

The fault is mainly at the level of the first person in charge: Cheick Fantamady Diallo general coordinator, then president of the Malian stadium of Bamako. His record has been catastrophic, his management of men has not been up to par. Since he was elected president, the club has plunged into inexplicable disorder. The team’s production this year is not only worrying, but also does not bode well for the future.

The Stade Malien de Bamako is in total disarray because the club is used to relying on big donors to carry out its policy: judicious recruitment, better administrative organization. But it looks like none of that is coming together under the current stewardship.

All those who can bring something are far from the club, this logically follows either from a relationship problem or from the egocentric management of the current president. The biggest mistake will have been to give the rise to Cheick Diallo at the head of the Malian stadium in Bamako. Hasn’t the time come to rectify a shot that caused more victims?

Wait and see…

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