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Galtier’s comments after PSG’s victory in Clermont

For his second official match as coach of the PSG – the first in League 1Christophe Galtier gives full satisfaction. Between his speech, his changes, his game intentions and his tactical device, the Parisian coach has seduced since taking office. And this Saturday, the Rouge & Bleu once again delivered a recital on the lawn of Clermont (5-0) as part of the 1st day of League 1. After this meeting, the French technician returned to this beautiful evening, at the microphone of Canal Plus and in post-match press conference. He notably mentioned the premiere of Warren Zaire-Emery in professional, the pleasure of the players on the ground, the role of Leo Messi. He also gave news of Kylian Mbappe.

The power released by PSG tonight

“Yes, we are in the continuity of what we have been doing since the resumption on July 4, and also at the japan tour and at Champions Trophy. The team is better settled than at the start, which is normal. We have a lot of talent, but what I remember is the collective desire to want to recover the ball very early, to be very intense without any relaxation. For my taste, there was a bit at the start of the second half, but afterwards the team played very well. They like to play with each other, they want to score goals and they defend collectively. Like Pablo Sarabia which gives a very good balance, Leo (Messi) who is very lively and reactive to the loss of the ball and Ney’ who also made efforts in the replacement, which allows the team block to be very compact and to win the ball in density. »

Has he succeeded where others have failed (intensity, collective desire, etc.)

“Since I arrived, I have had a very receptive group that likes to work and have fun together. But the season is long and it’s only the first match. Obviously I am satisfied with the overall match, the content and the number of goals. We conceded almost no chances. Of course it’s a pleasant evening. »

A physically ready team

“I think a lot of players had to prepare during their holidays or just before returning from the holidays. We had a very short preparation. Afterwards, I’m used to working with my physical trainers and the performance department, which is very careful. They (the players) seem to me to be in good shape and I must also take advantage of these matches to integrate players. I strive to make the five changes so that everyone participates and finds rhythm. That’s why after the 60th minute, I quickly integrated players. »

“Warren is a player who has integrated the preparation with us and who has been very serious and very good during the preparation. I had to give him his first minutes in League 1. At PSG, I think he is one of the youngest to have started in pro. It is also important to match words with deeds. We are talking about the Parisian training which is of a very high level, our young players must feel concerned. In this sense, we try to involve them when the matches seem folded. »

How to integrate Kylian Mbappé into this team

“Today, he is essential in this project. He had the will to want to stay here to achieve very high goals. For a coach, integrating such a player into this collective is not very difficult. His injury? He had a little alert (groin groin) and we didn’t want to take any risks. If we were in a more difficult match or Champions League, maybe Kylian would have participated. But there, we preferred to delay his return and I think he will be with us against Montpellier. »

The management of stars like Messi, Neymar and Mbappé

“Yes, I have already discussed this with the three. There, we are at one match per week but after that it will be a very compact first part of the season where we will have almost 26 matches counting the selections, then afterwards there will be the world Cup. It will obviously be necessary to manage these players as well as possible. When you ask them to go out, they automatically tell you no, but you will have to do it and sometimes even not start the match to keep a strong team throughout the first part of the season. »

The dream of having a team like that?

“Yes, it’s a real pleasure for a coach. These are players who need two pieces of information after they do the rest. Only here, we try to ensure that there is a state of mind that is omnipresent throughout the match. We try not to concede a goal. Afterwards, when they have fun together like this evening, obviously it’s very pleasant from the sidelines. »

The intensity put into the match

“That’s part of the satisfaction, the way we maintained a high pace. We put on the intensity to recover the ball as quickly as possible. I had insisted on this with my staff, I talk about it with the players. It’s very good, it’s only one game left, but it’s good. »

Messi’s role

“I spoke with Leo during our stay at the Japan and with the defensive sector too to ensure that he can perform all the time. He has a very sharp, very clear tactical sense. He quickly sees where he has to put himself, the way he positions himself to play, he is in an area he likes. He likes to play with the players around him. When Leo smiles, the team smiles too. »

His acrobatic goal

“I liked the goal. He has been playing at a very high level for 17 years. He had a difficult season last year, he was getting used to it. All seasons before, it was minimum 30 goals. From the moment he has made a complete preparation, that he has his bearings in terms of his family life and his club, his team and his partners, there is no reason for him not to a great season. When it will be associated with Kylian (Mbappe), we will have even more offensive power. »

The clean sheet

“It’s always important. Against Nantes we had conceded 2-3 chances, there we did not concede any. There is a real desire to defend well collectively and intelligently. But obviously the most important thing is to score goals, it’s PSG’s DNA and those players. So there is great satisfaction in these two elements of the game, attacking in numbers with a lot of technical quality, and defending collectively. »

The importance of Pablo Sarabia

“Pablo played a lot. With the suspension of Kylian (Mbappe) and his muscular discomfort today, he had high playing time to find the best offensive animation. He is an important player who strikes the right balance. I’m really happy with what he’s been doing since the 4th of July. »

How is Sergio Ramos

“He’s fine, he’s had some muscle soreness. We talked about it at half-time and we agreed that he wouldn’t play the whole game. »

The reduction of the group with the absences of Idrissa Gueye and Mauro Icardi

“There is what allows us to do labor law and the League during this period. We can split the group in two if we feel the need. We will do it until the end of the transfer window. The players know the situation, they are professional players, we must respect them. It’s not easy for them, we’ll see if they manage to find a project that suits them or if they want to stay. »


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