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Galtier does not hide having granted a dream and decides on his relationship with the stars of the locker room!

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Christophe Galtier made a perfect debut with PSG by winning the Trophée des Champions and having managed to integrate into the group. In an interview with Parisian, the 55-year-old technician made no secret of having fulfilled a dream.

On his dream of signing for PSG

“With 100% honesty, I’ve always wanted to coach PSG. Ask my family environment… Obviously, as a player, I played a few PSG-OM, there were also some great confrontations when I I was an assistant there. But for a Marseillais, I have always had a different view of what Paris Saint-Germain was. There is no desire to seduce or to make communication in what I am telling you. If I’ve never said it before, it’s because I’ve never been asked the question.”

On his Marseille liabilities

“Wherever I went, whether as coach or assistant, I devoted twenty hours a day to my job. When the opportunity to coach PSG presented itself, neither me nor my very close family We said: be careful, you are from Marseille. I am a French coach and I will give everything to go as high as possible. If there is a French coach who has always spoken well of PSG, it is me. I have always considered the locomotive of French football.”

On a discussion with supporters

“We will have to find the time. I will meet them, that’s for sure! Everywhere I went, I met them. I will do it again with pleasure. In recent years, I have not seen the Park full , we came to play for the title here with Lille, there were no spectators, in the Coupe de France with Lille, nobody, with Nice, nobody. Finally, I have seen the stadium empty for two years. But I remember being there against Napoli, with Di Maria’s goal at the end (in October 2018 in the Champions League), it was pushing hard.”

On the Champions Trophy

“No different, but I’m a happy man. It was the first big meeting of the season, we all wanted to bring back this trophy. There was also the desire to add the way, to play for each other. I saw the match again, and I think it sent a good image of Paris Saint-Germain.”

On a change of dimension in his career

“I’ve never asked myself the question, and I won’t. I’m going to be 56, I’m so happy to be here, so many coaches would like to be in my place that I forbid myself to I was told recently: enjoy every moment. It’s so rare in a career to be in contact with these players, in a club like PSG, with incredible enthusiasm and organization. will have difficult times, I don’t know if it will be on a sporting or relational level, because there will be decisions to be made but, since the 4th of July (date of his arrival), and I don’t know until when, I will appreciate every moment because when you are a coach, you dream of living that!”

On the doubts expressed upon his arrival

“It’s an incredible source of motivation. I don’t suffer from it, I lean on it. I understand that it can be the case. Afterwards, there are certain guys – who don’t deserve the title of journalist – and that I find both rude and sometimes very disrespectful. But that doesn’t trigger resentment, it’s a source of motivation. I understand the skepticism of some and others when my name appears: I don’t have a background international, I’m from Marseilles… But damn, I’m so happy to be here!”

On the impatience to compete in the C1

“In a hurry is not the term. But I can’t wait to start the competition. There is skepticism about my management of egos and star players, but where everyone really has doubts about me is is about the Champions League. I respect those doubts. But there, there is an incredible team. I’m not trying to take the pressure off myself, but the Champions League is such an irrational competition… Who would have believed that Chelsea would win their first Champions League with Roberto Di Matteo in 2012? That five months after leaving Paris, Thomas (Tuchel) would win it? On the other hand, there are world-class coaches who fail to “Winning it. Who would have thought, last season during the double confrontation with Paris, that Real would win it a few months later? It’s so irrational. I’m not trying to take refuge behind that. (He insists) Yes , yes, yes, we must have the ambition to win it. But eight or ten teams say the same thing. I’m not looking forward to it or greedily, but I’m waiting to be able to express myself with a group with extraordinary potential.”

On the great form of Messi, Neymar and Ramos

“I simply believe that these three players had a normal preparation. Not only did they arrive at the start of the preparation, but they also arrived ready! They did almost all the sessions and prepared as great champions. Is Is this symbolic compared to last season? I cannot see what happened, but I know that these are great champions who wanted to start well, have an additional trophy and create a good dynamic !”

On his relationship with the stars

“No (I didn’t put them in my pocket). And, I’m not trying to put them in my pocket, it would be very reductive compared to what they are. Whether it’s with Sergio (Ramos), Ney , Messi or even Kylian (Mbappé), I try to be as natural as possible, and if they come to me in a natural way, so much the better. But we don’t put these players in our pockets.”


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