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French Championship – Elite Time Trial: The reactions – News

Bruno Armirail (Groupama-FDJ) won the French Elite Time Trial Championship this Thursday in Cholet (Maine-et-Loire). The podium is completed by Rémi Cavagna (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl) and defending champion Benjamin Thomas (Cofidis – see ranking).

Find below all the reactions collected by DirectVelo.

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Portrait of Pierre LATOUR

4th at 1’52” – our picture

“I’m not completely on the street. I got stuck a little in the middle of the clock with the lack of competition. At the end, when Rémi Cavagna came back to me, it made my head feel good.

It was a good course where you didn’t necessarily have to be technical and that’s what I like. We were in gear the whole first part and after that, there were never long downhill parts so we couldn’t breathe too much. It was a continuous effort. I like these efforts so it feels good to resume competition on a time trial. It was my first big effort in a while so it’s a bit of a drag. It will be a good unlock for the future. I’m happy with my feelings and we have the amateur title (with Antoine Devanne for the Vendée U, editor’s note) so it’s a good day.

I didn’t feel any particular discomfort during the time trial so that’s a good thing. I’m going to do the race online on Sunday, maybe more in a team role given the course, we’ll see at the briefing…”

Portrait of Thibault GUERNALEC

5th at 1’57”

“There is no disappointment. As I said before the start, I thought I was in the top five in France. There is still a level to cross to play with the best. Today (Thursday), at best I could do 4th but in front they were too strong.

In the second part, I was going fast and I didn’t realize that the others were going even faster. There is still something to be found in order to be able to accelerate in the second part and maintain the effort. Maybe a Grand Tour or a WorldTour season next year if we go up, that would do me the greatest good.

With the team, we quickly talked at the start of the season about the best way to prepare for the time trial. I think the Dauphiné was the best solution to make an effort, it feels good, you never give up. There were ten days of recovery, that’s what was needed. I think I was in good condition today, physically I was there”.

Portrait of Nans PETERS

7th at 2’55”

“I had a good day after the Grand Tour that I did (the Tour of Italy, editor’s note). I had a lot of strength. I was fine, I had fun. I had already done the French Championship three times. It’s always interesting to work on this effort and to do an hour fully. From the start, it was responding well. The power meter was not working. I went there the old way, to the sensations. It’s good not to always focus on watts. The legs spoke and I had a good time. »

Portrait of Kevin VAUQUELIN

10th at 3’17”

“This is the first year where I have not had any real preparation because of the Covid. I couldn’t work miracles, I wasn’t going to be French champion. I’m in Espoir 3, I still have time but I’m a competitor… I’m not satisfied. I did not have my sensor during this time. It was connected to the home trainer’s bike and not the race one. It was a problem because I don’t know myself enough about lap times and the sensor is always a benchmark for knowing how to manage your effort. I started too hard, I had trouble managing and I quickly felt my lack of condition.

I didn’t feel the paw, it wasn’t as fluid as usual or like last year when I won with the Amateurs. I heard in the earpiece that I was quite behind Bruno Armirail at the first intermediate. At this level, the lack of condition is paid. I had two weeks of training with only one time trial session, I got my bike last week. I didn’t have a lot of parameters in my favor. I’m doing pretty well because it was a pretty tough time where you needed a lot of power.

My old DS, Jean-Philippe Yon (in Rouen, Editor’s note), who is my “father” in cycling and who taught me a lot, told me that sometimes you shouldn’t look at the data and deal with the sensations. In Junior 1, I won the stopwatch with a lead of 30 seconds, I had no sensor and no headset. I had done everything to the sensations. It’s quits or double, if it’s a good day so much the better and if not so much the worse”.

Portrait of Enzo PALENI

13th at 3’33”

“My time went very well. I managed it better than last year when I finished in a daze for my first one-hour time trial. At the beginning, I was a bit far as usual. I came back little by little. In the final, I managed to keep my rhythm. I saw two runners in front of me, that gave me a boost. I wanted to overtake them before the technical part in the descent seven miles from the finish to be quiet.

I’m satisfied with my result even if I came for a Top 10. I had prepared this time well, I like that”.

Portrait of Romain GREGOIRE

14th at 3’34”

“I left expecting nothing. I didn’t have time to prepare on the time trial bike. I’m leaving the Baby Giro. The form could be very good or very bad. I’m not disappointed, I’m happy with the time I did.

I am pleasantly surprised. This week in training, I thought I was really going to have to put on the gas to not fall asleep. In the end, I didn’t really have a drop in diet. I was going a bit into the unknown on efforts like that, lasting an hour. I’m not much of a runner who likes to watch watts. I didn’t want to put myself in the red too much in the first ten kilometers. I managed to feel.

Thibault Guernalec caught up with me in the last ten to fifteen kilometers. It was taking up my time in the rolling parts. I repeated it in the technical part. We pushed ourselves a bit and that helped me a lot. It was a nag time. You had to have strength in your kidneys”.

Portrait of Matis LOUVEL

15th at 3’42”

“I had some weird feelings after the Dauphiné. I had gone out well without being too tired. Three or four days later, I had a backlash so I was in doubt when I arrived here. I came on the clock to make a good effort, not necessarily for a result but more a personal performance. I didn’t manage too badly, I wanted to go inside to accelerate as I went. I had a hard time doing it, with the adrenaline I started a little too hard and I collapsed a little ten kilometers from the finish, in a long false flat. I managed to get back on the road well in the final and finish well on the last bump at the last intermediate. All in all, it’s a good time, I’ll analyze the data to see how it went on the management side. I’m pretty happy.”



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