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Football: Would Mario Balotelli do good for Swiss football?


SoccerWould Mario Balotelli do Swiss football any good?

What to think of the possible arrival of Super Mario at FC Sion? For the development of the championship, what could he bring to it? Two journalists discuss it.

Mario Balotelli, with the AC Monza jersey.

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Nothing is done, no contract has yet been signed, but everything is still possible. The possible transfer of Mario Balotelli to FC Sion feeds all the discussions, not just those of the Café du Commerce. Currently linked to Adana Demirspor by a current contract until June 2024, the whimsical Italian striker does not rule out the idea of ​​​​playing in Switzerland.

While Christian Constantin pursues the discussions started with Murat Sancak, his Turkish counterpart, what impact could such a player have on the Swiss Super League? Should we rejoice in such a transfer or rather worry about it?

Two specialists from Sport-Center debate around a simple but fundamental question: would the possible arrival of Balotelli in Sion be a good thing for Swiss football?

YES (Nicolas Jacquier)

“Lack of stars, the Super League needs exceptional players”

The arrival of Mario Balotelli would be a blessing not only for Sion but for the whole of Swiss football. Because what do we eat apart from what can make us dream? The Italian international is one of those who leave no one indifferent and that’s what it’s all about in the first place.

In need of a star, our championship would really need such an extraordinary player, unpredictable because different. Not so that the average supporter can identify with it, but to escape from an often gloomy daily life. And what does it matter if Balotelli, who is said to have calmed down if not calmed down, arrives in Valais with his escapades and all the excesses that have shaped the character… This is also what we love about him and which has made his urban legend .

Let’s be frank rather than play the piss-vinegar: in our “small” Super League, who do we remember after each transfer window? In the galaxy of summer transfers, which one has made a lasting impression on you in recent years? We, frankly, apart from a few exceptions, none… In the vast majority of cases, clubs hire players unknown to the battalion, second or even third knives, sometimes elements in the making of hopefuls.

And there in the middle of all these “anonymous” would land a planetary megastar… That would recall the glorious times when Servette, Xamax or Lausanne could afford a Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, an Uli Stielike or a Giancarlo Antognoni.

Ten years after Gattuso, whom he had succeeded in bringing to Tourbillon, Christian Constantin is struggling to do the same thing with Balotelli. Chic… Terrific, would add Ogi. Instead of being circumspect and dubious, there would be every reason to rejoice. It does not really matter whether his contribution will really be beneficial to the development of Swiss football – in the end, what have we seen of those supposed to have participated in it? –, the possible arrival of Super Mario would boost Swiss football in great need of it. Even if that were to double the price of its president’s morning coffee at Porte d’Octodure!

NO (Daniel Visentini)

“Beyond the media blow, the doubts”

Christian Constantin is not at his first attempt, with more or less happiness (especially less than more). He has already made the bet of the star at the end of the cycle on several occasions. Sion was entitled, among others, to a ghostly Seydou Doumbia, a disillusioned Valon Behrami, a Guillaume Hoarau without energy, a transparent Alex Song, a Gennaro Gattuso without impact or, even before, a Darko Pancev empty of any light. Today, it could therefore be the turn of Mario Balotelli. With the same disappointments?

Frankly, we would almost cross our fingers that “Super Mario” splashes his talent on the Swiss championship. I don’t know if that would be enough to make the Super League a championship in sight or, above all, to raise its overall level. It would look good on paper, that’s for sure, but beyond that?

We are not there yet. Balotelli would first have to sign for Sion and then he would shine there. On the ground, not outside with the escapades that have always accompanied him, or almost. Unless that too is part of the project?

Because there is this strange feeling that floats in the air, like every time the rumor swells on the side of Sion: we don’t really know if it inflates the sporting hopes or the ego of its president.

The Swiss championship is not intended to become the deathbed of stars at the end of their careers, as in Sion in recent years or Zambrotta way in Chiasso, at the time. And that has nothing to do with the Rummenigge or Stielike in the 80s: they arrived in Switzerland, Servette and Xamax, still being at the top of their game or almost, at least enough to be decisive. Could this really be the case for Balotelli, over the duration of an entire season? We would like to believe it, but beyond the media stunt, we doubt.


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