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FIFA 23 will be released on September 30, first trailer and new commentators

It was the big night for Electronic Artswhich after several leaks was finally able to bring to light FIFA 23which will logically be the last game Fifa under the supervision of the publisher. EA introduced what should be in its own words the “ greatest FIFA ever madeé”, and took stock of everything to expect from this edition. So here’s all there is to remember about FIFA 23.

What’s new in FIFA 23?

In the news section of FIFA 23 and as this first trailer shows us, we will initially have the Hypermotion 2. Already present on FIFA 22, this technology will therefore be significantly improved, and will have a much better reactivity in terms of player movements, ball protection and even aerial duels. The title of EA Vancouver and Romania will also offer a new, more intelligent dribbling system, such as an acceleration mechanic or a more fluid and natural transition when shooting. As saying that FIFA 23 is ready to make huge efforts on its gameplay with this technology, which had already convinced us on FIFA 22, and which will be embellished on this new opus.

Secondly, and besides a range of improvements on the many modes already in place with Career, Club Pro, VOLTA FOOTBALL, or even Ultimate Team modeswomen’s football will also be the flagship of this 2023 edition. Indeed, FIFA 23 will add for the very first time women’s club teams from the Barclays Women’s Super Ligue, but also from Division 1 Arkema. What’s more, EA Vancouver and Romania’s football software will feature 19,000 players across more than 700 teams, 100 stadiums and 30 leagues.

And on the license side, FIFA 23 will be the only title that obviously allows you to play the mythical UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Sudamaricana, or even the Bundesliga or even the Premier League. In short, the football game from EA Vancouver and Romania will offer us gargantuan content and novelties.

Who will be the FIFA 23 commentators?

It would of course be a shame to miss the great news of this FIFA 23, with finally a change of commentators. Exit the Pierre Menes/Hervé Mathoux duo, and say hello to a brand new, brand new duo with Omar Da Fonseca and Benjamin Da Silva. Our two commentators from the Bein Sports channel will appear for the first time on FIFA 23. And this little tweet adorned with a short three-minute video above, allows us to see fairly quickly behind the scenes of the recording of new comments by our two companions.

We just have to hope that this new duo is much better than the previous one, and that will clearly change not to hear Hervé Mathoux, who officiated on the title for very long years. Obviously, this will be checked during its final release, and we pray that everything will be much more pleasant and lively than with the competition. And with Omar Da Fonseca, there’s a good chance it will.

When will FIFA 23 be released?

On the release date side, FIFA 23 will finally be released on September 30 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. No Switch version on the program obviously – and that’s not so bad… -, and note also that the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 will give you an early access of three days before its release, i.e. from September 27. Something to delight players buying this edition, who can touch the title three days before its release.

What do the different editions of FIFA 23 contain?

Here is the content that will be available in the different editions of FIFA 23 :

Standard Edition

This standard edition of FIFA 23 will concretely contain:

  • A Team of the Week 1 player item
  • A Kylian Mbappé element on loan for 5 matches on FIFA Ultimate Team
  • Choose between Davies, Son and Vinicius Jr. for 3 games on FIFA Ultimate Team
  • A local talent in career mode

Ultimate Edition

Regarding the Ultimate edition, here is what it will contain:

  • The same advantages as the standard edition mentioned above
  • 3 days early access
  • A player element to watch
  • 4600 FIFA Points
  • A FUTA FIFA World Cup Hero Player Item – Time Limited Only –

You would have understood it, FIFA 23 will enjoy two very nice editions, including the Ultimate Edition which will offer you a lot of interesting bonuses, mainly for FIFA Ultimate Team.


FIFA 23 is already available for pre-order at Micromania. Other resellers should follow in the coming days.

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