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FAF: The SG, Mounir Debichi goes against all the leagues

With the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic behind, the return to normal of the various championships put on hold promises to be explosive. Here are some reasons. BY NAZIM BESSOL

“A exceptional situation exceptional measures”, says the quote and football was no exception to the rule during the Covid-19 pandemic. After almost a particularly difficult year off for the “small” divisions, the return to competition was decreed after the improvement in the health situation. This is how it was decided to give priority to restarting the various competitions by “creating a championship model within the reach of leagues and clubs” explains to BOTOLA, a federal official at the time. Thus, it was decided to split the Regional 1 division into 2 groups of 10 to 11 teams, the Regional 2 into three groups (10 to 11 teams), while leaving the possibility for the leagues to set up the championship formula that she judges within their reach. According to the same principle, it was decided to validate the championships which had less than 20 days at the level of the wilaya Leagues. A decision which cancels de facto and in a completely exceptional way, the regulatory provisions which prohibit the accession of the champion with less than 20 league games.

Satisfaction then nightmare

Just as it was accepted to take into account the Algerian cup matches to reach the threshold of 20 matches, before the cancellation of the popular event is recorded. A battery of measures which allowed the ball to roll again in the many corners of the country and in the various amateur championships to revive after two empty seasons. A satisfaction that turned into a nightmare on August 1 when the secretary general of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Mounir Debichi seized in writing the presidents of the Inter-regions and those of the regional leagues. In his memo, the subject of which is: “Application of the resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly relating to the change of the competition system”, the boss of the administration of the FAF, instructed the presidents of the various leagues to “Proceed with the publication on their respective websites before August 04, 2022, of the components of the different groups, as defined by the terms of accession and demotion, published at the beginning of the past season. As a reminder, all groups must be made up of 16 clubs. »

Dozens of teams deprived of accession

The letter of which we hold (note – BOTOLA) a copy, indicates the new division of the different divisions (1 group in Regional 1, 2 in Regional 2, the Regional League of Algiers 3 groups). The Ouargla League exceptionally benefits from 2 groups in Regional 1 and 4 groups in Regional 2. In the wake of this reminder, Mounir Debichi, instructed the regional leagues to “strictly apply the rules of amateur championships, in particular the Article 1 (paragraph 5), relating to the organization of the various championships, and to prohibit the accession to “Regional 2” of the champion clubs of the “Honor” divisions not having submitted to the provisions of this article, and of carry out a rebalancing of the groups, by giving access to the teams ranked 2nd in the championships of the other leagues while applying article 69 of the Regulations of the amateur football championships, relating to the rankings. writes the SG of the FAF.

An unwelcome arrangement

In fact, this instruction orders the president of the Regional League not to grant access to a team on the grounds that it has not reached the threshold of 20 games and to grant access to the second from another wilaya league if it fulfills this condition. For example, if at the level of the Regional League of Blida, the first of the honor division of the wilaya of Médéa has only 18 matches, the president of the Regional League of Blida is obliged to refuse him accession and to go see the second of the wilaya of Tipasa for example who played the 20 matches required! A scandalous decision according to several officials insofar as many champions have been celebrated in their regions and wilaya. Moreover, the members of the Federal Bureau do not recognize such a measure according to our information. Contacted one of them is adamant “we never decided or voted on what the SG sent to the leagues. There is no resolution of the BF as mentioned in the letter” protested our interlocutor who requested anonymity.

Retreat and threat of boycott

A distance also motivated by the fact that the clubs, the main parties concerned, have never been kept informed. “We cannot enforce such a decision which does not even appear in the general regulations. And if we had registered, we would have had to wait for the next season. This is a belated and clumsy provision,” continues our interlocutor. The outcry aroused by Mounir Debichi’s note at different levels ended up causing the president of the Algerian Football Federation (FAF), Djahid Zefizef, to react. “I believe that the SG of the FAF did not measure the extent of such a measure which blithely goes beyond the purely sporting framework. Such a decision can easily set fire to the powder, how to explain to dozens of teams in the four corners of the country that they do not access, when they have won this right on the green square? asks a manager. Indeed, several leagues and clubs had threatened to disregard this note by refusing to send the groups requested by the secretary general of the FAF within the time limits.
Towards the cancellation of the note

As for the teams, some of which had been honored by their wali, they threatened to boycott the championship. The new president of the FAF, whose members of his BF have mostly dissociated themselves from the missive of the SG, has decided to calm things down and find a way out for the boss of the administration. A press release should, according to our information, announce in selected forms the cancellation of the content of the correspondence registered under number 939/SG/FAF/2022


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