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FACT OF THE DAY Ljubomir Vranjes, a Swede already from Nîmes

Ljubomir Vranjes and David Tebib, the new coach and president of Usam have a common dream: to make the club one of the benchmarks in Europe (Photo Anthony Maurin).

He is one of the great handball coaches, those who have won the Champion’s League. Ljubomir Vranjes is Usam’s new coach. He advocates a strong and aggressive defense. Everything we love ! Presentation.

At 48 he signed for four seasons in Nîmes. For a Swede, the thermal contrast is strong in the middle of summer. Arrived in Nîmes in mid-July, Ljubomir Vranjes already feels Nîmes. ” I want to speak French as quickly as possible, but I don’t have a teacher yet. With my family, we went to Sorgues. I love Nîmes and its region. From the start, I felt really good about it! »

The guy already speaks better than some foreign players from Nîmes for six months! Another question from the new coach: he wonders which side to initiate the kiss… “En Sweden nWe are used to shaking hands or kissing, but not kissing! On the left arm, the GPS coordinates of his summer house, the only corner that manages to fix this inveterate traveler.

Always better

On the rest of the body, always on the same arm, his personal journey. Behind her, her children. On the chest, his wife. And on the right arm, still other symbols that punctuate the story of his life. Arriving in the south of France in summer is not easy. ” We adapt ! The climate does not worry me and I like to discover the culture, the food, the language. »

Usam president David Tebib is happy with his recruit. ” We were at the end of a cycle during which we worked hard after the demotion in D2 to restructure the club, to make it grow with strong principles, values, good training and a professional but family state of mind in connection with the club’s DNA. Franck Maurice and Jérôme Chauvet made us grow like all the others. Now that we are at the top of the table, we must continue. »

Continue with five new players including a Boïba Sissoko who will be unavailable until the beginning of 2023 and especially with a new coach. The first foreigner under the Tebib presidency. An experienced, determined coach who wants to relaunch his career by making Nîmes and its bubbling public dream. ” Our paths crossed thanks to encounters in life. Ljubo has made huge sacrifices in terms of his remuneration. This is proof of his will. He wants to be conqueror with a lot of humility and simplicity“, assures David Tebib.

(Photo Anthony Maurin).

My favorite color is green so I’m happy to come in and coach the Green team. It will bring us happiness. I had indeed other club proposals, especially in Germany but Nîmes is a bit like me, we like hard work and we are a little crazyadmits the coach. Here, there is work but my goal is clear. It’s going to take time, I’m not a magician, just a trainer. »

Inevitably, expectations are high for the one who won the most beautiful European cup in 2014 with a “small” club, Flensburg. ” The only thing that makes sense is work. The plan now is to know my players, my team. I analyzed a lot of matches. I work professionally, I want a good defense. »

The players will therefore increase their preparation which will be difficult. ” It is important that the players are in good shape. I haven’t met them yet, but as I want excellent aggressive defense, you need impeccable physical form. I know that many players have talked this summer so I’m not worried. And even if it takes discipline, you also have to have fun when you play handball. If each player progresses, the team will progress. »

The desire to do well

Such a former player – he has more than 160 caps for the Swedish national team. He is European champion, world champion and Olympic vice-champion – who becomes an accomplished coach, because he still won the Champions League, can bring some bonuses to Nîmes. ” The high level experience! I have known this level for 30 years. I did good things, not so good things. I learn from my mistakes. I like the work, but I also like to have a good relationship with the players. I will always be there for them. It is for this family aspect that I opted for Nîmes. It suits me well. »

If Ljubomir Vranjes joined Usam, it was thinking that the club was going to play Europe. Even if the Champions League was not in the news, the “small cup” was. But there is no disillusionment. ” I experienced various feelings. That’s also sport. But I quickly found a positive aspect: I would have more time to prepare the players towards where I want to lead them. That gives me more time to get to know them, but the goal for next season will be to play in a European Cup. The most unfortunate in the affair was surely President Tebib, who had a bad day when he heard the news. ” We are going to play the Coupe de France because we tend to leave it aside… That’s a goal!

Thinking the new coach? (Photo Anthony Maurin).

And the players, how did they receive the news of the arrival of this coach? ” There were persistent rumors for a long time but they are professional and serious. There are some very muted, measured reactions from them. They exchanged the vision they had of the characteristics of Ljubo but the group will always adapt to serve the common project that we all carry“, continues the president.

With two new goalkeepers, the defense promises to be heckled. ” They have to make their mark, but we have a team capable of fighting for Europe. New players are a force and I know center half Jesper Konradsso and I know what to ask of everyone. In the departure department, Jakobsen returns to his training club as a gentleman. ” We spoke and he understood that it was the best solution given Usam’s situation. He behaved very well with us“, assures David Tebib.

What’s next? The first league match should take place at Parnassus, at the request of President Tebib because the following weekend, Nîmes will be at the feria and everything is getting complicated… Before that, there will be a trip to Caen for the Coupe de France.

The championship schedule will be revealed tomorrow. If today was a bit like back to school, the really serious things will start on Monday. At the end of next week the team will leave for an internship at Temple-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne) with the start of the day scheduled for 7:30 a.m. and an almost military weekend. On August 10, Usam will face Montpellier then Bordeaux in stride during the internship. Finally, Neka (Hungary) then Istres will complete the list of opponents in the green team. ” Five matches are enough but the training will go crescendo. This is the plan to not burn the players. The last week before the resumption of the championship will be more flexible“Concludes coach Ljubomir Vranjes.

Will Usam be the next French club to lift the European Cup? It’s possible but the work is long, like the path that leads to victory. Ljubomir Vranjes knows this perfectly well. ” The Champions League is a dream, but we will have to move forward step by step. The budget will have to be increased, our players will have to improve and we will have to buy new ones. It’s good to be in continuity so my four years of contract could be used for that!


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