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Esport – League of Legends: TeamGO brings down LDLC OL, Adam pushes BDS towards the play-offs

Team of the week: TeamGO

Exceptional week for TeamGO (7th, 7 wins, 8 losses). After the four consecutive defeats of his formation, however very exciting at the start of the summer, this one brought down the then undefeated leader, LDLC OL (1st, 14v., 1d.), then one of his two direct pursuers, Vitality Bee (2nd, 10v., 5d.). These two unexpected victories against the two best teams of the moment put it back completely in the race for play offs. If GO probably took advantage of the absence of Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen on Vitality’s top lane, replaced by a jungler, Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek, his players had previously perfectly mastered the Lyonnais to stop the series of 13 successes – a defeat announced by Quentin “Zeph” Viguié, coach of LDLC OL.

Rookie Dai-vinh “Veignorem” Lussiez, in particular, was decisive on Wednesday to help TeamGO win thanks to his attacking style, which has been too often ineffective until then. Aggressiveness therefore paid off this week for this squad which played the card very well and showed that it was probably better than its current seventh place. The fact of having taken the time to assess and then correct the problems of trust and strategy as a group in recent days to relaunch has been of capital importance. It will now be necessary to confirm: the battle for the final phase is far from won.

Player of the Week: Adam “Adam” Maanane

We are probably witnessing a new twist in the young and already eventful career of Adam (20 years old). The French top laner of BDS, sent to reserve after a spring spent in the LEC (the European elite) insufficient in terms of results, took a little lesson in humility. She seems to have a good influence on the one who has stood out too much for something other than his level of play – yet high in 2021 – in recent months.

Dominating on the top of the card in LFL, best player on his team and statistically very solid, he seems to have resumed his march forward. Eight times MVP of BDS Academy (4th, 8v., 7d.) in as many successes (even if the vote is made by the fans and Adam has several thousand), he allowed his team to hang on. Very strong on paper, she is stacking up victories today – five in a row. Very good on Shyvana then Gnar against GameWard (2nd, 10v., 5d.) this week, he is accompanying his club in the final phase. A form of redemption?

Match of the week: Solary v Karmine Corp

This new duel between Solary (8th, 5v, 10d) and Karmine Corp (4th, 8v, 7d.), two rivals in LFL, was not a great match in itself. But its progress is interesting to analyze and its consequences on the end of the season important. Almost everything was decided from the first seconds and an attempt to invade the opposing camp by Jules “Hantera” Bourgeois. Face to face with a full Solary, he offered the first elimination to Patrick “Asza” Jacobs using his flash in the operation. An action that placed the Karmine Corp botlane in a more than delicate situation, perfectly exploited by its opponent.

Solary built on that advantage by playing aggressively around her duo and making no big mistakes elsewhere on the map, widening the gap until winning. Poorly paid in recent weeks, his training this time offered a controlled score that allows him to maintain a very small hope of qualification in play offs. It will be necessary for that to hope for a drift of the teams which precedes it in the classification, but a victory against the KC always embellishes the balance sheet. La Karmine, for its part, is still struggling to find the key and will have to fight for its place in the final phase, with a big schedule in the final stretch (Vitality Bee, Misfits Premier and LDLC OL). Victory against Mirage Elyandra (10th, 2v., 13d.) – in pain, Wednesday – avoids the disaster scenario for the moment. But the situation is alarming.

But also…

LDLC OL will not have chained a series of victories with a series of defeats: the leader – now certain to finish first – recovered on Thursday evening against Misfits Premier (4th, 8v. 7d.), in the same situation as the Karmine Corp in the middle of the ranking. Vitality Bee and GameWard, the two pursuers of the Lyonnais, clashed on Wednesday. The Bees got the better of a team that is marking time – two losses this week.

At the bottom of the table, Mirage Elyandra won an important duel against Team Oplon (9th, 3v., 12d.) for the promotion/relegation tournament. Three days before the end of the regular season, the next one will be of capital importance since it will be played in physical and in public, in Boulogne-Billancourt. A situation that could change the current dynamics.



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