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England – Sweden (4-0): Result and summary, The Lionesses will play the final at Wembley! – UEFA Women’s Euro 2022

EURO 2022 OF FOOTBALL – Relive the best moments of the first semi-final, won by England against Sweden (4-0).

End of live

Thank you for following this live commentary of the meeting. See you on Wednesday for France – Germany.

Third final for England

England will play their third final in the European Championship after 1984 and 2009.

Second half England – Sweden (4-0)

90th+4: IT’S OVER! England qualified for the final after their big success in the semi against Sweden in Sheffield (4-0).

90th + 3: A cross from Glas from the right side, but it ends up in the gloves of Earps.

90th: Three minutes of added time

90th: The opportunity for the English! Another superb ball given by Hemp. She finds Russo at 5.50m with his diving center but no second goal for the MU player who misses the target at close range…

86th: Changes for England: Chloe Kelly, Jill Scott and Alex Greenwood come on / Beth Mead, Georgia Stanway and Rachel Daly come off.

84th: A yellow card for Georgia Stanway.

80th: Nice ovation received by Fran Kirby on leaving the field. Bramall Lane Stadium enjoyed his score.

79th: Change for England: Ella Toone comes on / Fran Kirby comes out after her goal

77th: GOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fran Kirby scores the 4th goal for the English! The playmaker attempted a lob on the Swedish goalkeeper who made a hand fault and participated a little in this goal. England will play the final on Sunday at Wembley, there is no longer any doubt.

71st: For Russo, it’s a 4th goal in the competition, while being the understudy for Elle White.

69th: GOOOOOOOOO! BUT WHAT A GOAL SCORED BY RUSSO! Found in the center of the area by Hemp, Russo stumbles on the Swedish goalkeeper, before recovering the leather and attempting a surprise heel at John Carew! Superb inspiration! 3-0!

67th: EARPS AGAIN! Very good reading of the game of the English goalkeeper who captures a Swedish cross.

65th: EARPS, THE RETURN! The English goalkeeper deploys to take out a knee recovery from a Swede. Efficient ! Just before, the danger had been cleared in extremis by the English defense.

58th: THE BAR FOR HEMP! Found by a super cross from Russo, barely coming into play, and author of a race on the right side, the attacker is fooled by a rebound and misses her recovery which goes on the bar.

57th: Change for England: Russo enters the game / White leaves

56th: Another good job from Rolfo who is looking for Blackstenius in the area but the striker does not fit.

53rd: Sweden tries to react.

51st: Changes for Sweden: Seger, Kaneryd and Andersson come on / Angeldahl, Jakobsson and Ilestedt go out

51st: Beth Mead now has 3 assists. She is the top scorer in the competition in addition to being the top scorer.

49th: A VAR check but everything is OK. Goal validated.

48th: GOOOOOOOOO! Lucy Bronze scores the second goal with an adjusted header! England are getting closer to the final! 2-0!

47′: Very good ball from Kirby for Mead in the area but a Swedish player intervenes. Corner!

46th: It’s back to Sheffield!

First half: England – Sweden (1-0)

45th: HALF-TIME! England leads the debate against Sweden. After a great start, the Swedes disappeared after Beth Mead’s goal.

44th: Kirby attempt! Found at 20 meters, almost in the axis, the playmaker takes her chance from afar but it’s too removed.

41st: Adjusted cross from Jakobsson from the left side towards the far post where Blackstenius is. But the striker is missing… Sweden disappeared from the debates after Mead’s goal.

39′: Stanway tries his luck once again from afar but his half-volley goes way over.

37th: Double situation for England! Bronze sees his cross being captured by Lindahl.

35th: This is the 6th goal for Beth Mead in this Euro, of which she is the top scorer.

34th: BUUUUUUUUUT OF THE ENGLISH! Beth Mead opens the scoring! Superb ball given by Lucy Bronze at the first post for the n°7. Good control followed by a diabolically precise strike allow Mead to open the scoring! Superb sequence!

33′: Good defensive intervention from England on this free kick well struck by Asllani.

32nd: Ellen White is penalized for her too muscular defensive return. Free kick from the right side for Asllani at 25 meters.

29th: The headbutt of Bronze! The former OL player climbed higher than everyone on this kicked corner on the left, but her header missed.

27th: Walsh is penalized for a too heavy foot during a duel.

26th: England monopolizes the ball and tries to temporize a little.

24th: The great English defensive effort! It was still hot in the area with a good ball given in the axis.

23rd: STANWAY! Despite a nice hook-feint at the entrance to the surface, the gunboat can only hit at ground level. The Swedish goalkeeper captures in two stages.

21st: White! Well caught in the marking, the scorer still manages to take back an offering in the area with her left foot. It is a gesture of pure n°9.

18th: Another dangerous situation on a second ball, from a corner, but the English defense is still doing well.

16th: Watch out for this Bronze center! The Swedish goalkeeper misjudges the ball and the danger is cleared for a corner. White was in the area.

15th: Possession of the ball is to the advantage of the English: 67%. But clear opportunities for Sweden.

14th: Another Swedish attempt! Rolfo erases Bronze with a feint and a dribble, then dashes into the box before lighting up from the left. It’s out of the box!

11th: Another ball for Blackstenius in the box, but she dithers too much and loses the leather.

10th: THE BAR NOW! A bit of a miss from Earps on the corner and the ball bounced off the head of a Swede before ending on the crossbar.

9th: EARPS AGAIN! Asllani launches Blackstenius in depth and the scorer “hits” her shot too much which ends up on the goalkeeper’s foot.

8th: Free kick from 25 meters for Asllani! She sends a cannonball but Earps picks up the leather.

5th: WHITE! Found at the far post, the striker puts her header aside!

4th: The English stay on the left side to attack.

2nd: English reaction on the left side but that does not work.

1st: Already a huge opportunity! After a recovery in midfield, Jakobsson is found at the entrance to the box and adjusts Earps from the left. But the English goalkeeper comes out perfectly and clears the danger with her foot!

1st: Let’s go to Sheffield!

Team compositions

  • England: Earps (G) – Bronze, Bright, Williamson, Daly – Stanway, Walsh – Mead, Kirby, Hemp – White

  • Sweden: Lindahl (G) – Ilestedt, Sembrant, Eriksson, Glas – Angeldahl, Bjorn – Jakobsson, Asllani, Rolfo – Blackstenius

England aim for third final

After 1984 and 2009, the England team is aiming for a third Euro final. But this time at home, in his Euro.

Follow the meeting on TF1

See you at 8:50 p.m. on TF1 to follow this first half. Julien Maynard and Sabrina Delannoy will be on commentary for this match.

Also go to MYTF1 to follow the match in digital video.

Follow England – Sweden live

Good evening everyone and welcome to our live page to follow the live commentary of the first semi-final of Euro 2022.

England receives Sweden at 9:00 p.m. in Sheffield, a meeting to follow on TF1 and MYTF1. The English are aiming for a final in their Euro. A final that will be played at Wembley next Sunday.



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