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EnduroGP 2022 – Italy | J1: Garcia and Ruprecht above the lot

First day of racing in Carpineti, Italy for the 3ᵉ GP of the season, where Josep Garcia and Wil Ruprecht battled it out for victory in the EGP, with the KTM rider finally winning in the final lap times.

After a long six-week break, the Enduro World Championship was back for round three of the Italian GP at Carpineti. Hot, dry and dusty conditions ensured a tough day for the more than 140 competitors.

Garcia and Ruprecht battle it out for EnduroGP victory

Faster in Friday’s Super Test d, Garcia started this Saturday in the same vein. However, Ruprecht had other ideas and on the first morning stage he came back into contact with the Spaniard. During the first 2 rounds, it was a mano to mano of anthology between the 2 men until Garcia finally regained the upper hand at the start of round 3. Nevertheless, with less than 2 seconds difference between them, everything was possible in this last lap. Super lap times in the last Enduro Test and in the Extrem Test finally allowed Garcia to increase his lead to 17 seconds and finally won ahead of Ruprecht.

Wil Ruprecht in pursuit of Garcia

Hoping to join in the fight for victory at his local race, Andrea Verona (Gas Gas Factory) was not able to keep up with the crazy pace of the first 2 and will have to settle for 3ᵉ place in the EGP (with more than 1min30 behind all the same). Nathan Watson (Honda) found itself faced with a Daniel Milner (Fantic) remotivated to be down in E1, but finally, it is Watson who will take 4ᵉ place.

Enduro GP Italy J1 Andrea veronaAndrea Verona in the Xtrem Test

EGP result : 1. Josep Garcia (KTM) 1:10:24.16; 2. Wil Ruprecht (TM Racing) 1:10:42.11; 3. Andrea Verona (GASGAS) 1:11:55.98; 4. Nathan Watson (Honda) 1:12:17.84; 5. Daniel Milner (Fantic) 1:12:29.22; 6. Thomas Oldrati (Honda) 1:12:44.54; 7. Hugo Blanjoue (KTM) 1:12:52.92; 8. Mikael Persson (Husqvarna) 1:13:05.05; 9. Matteo Cavallo (TM Racing) 1:13:09.34; 10. Steve Holcombe (Beta) 1:13:11.79…

E1: Verona

For the 5e time of the season, Andrea Verona took victory in the Enduro1 category. The move to E1 for this third round paid off for the Australian Daniel Milnerwho achieved his best performance of the year by finishing 2e. Italian Thomas Oldrati (Honda) completes the top three.

Enduro GP Italy J1 daniel MilnerDaniel Milner

E2: Garcia

Garcia and Ruprecht, who are fighting for victory in EnduroGP, also finished first and second in 2. Watson secured a final step of the podium with third place. French Hugo Blanjoue (KTM) rode a superb race to take fourth place ahead of Steve Holcombe (Beta).

Enduro GP Italy J1 hugo blanjoueHugo Blanjoue

E3: Persson

New in Enduro3 with the first victory of Michael Persson (Husqvarna Factory Racing). The Swede rode impressively to win more than 30 seconds ahead of Matteo Pavoni (TMRacing). . French Leo Le Quere (Sherco) had an excellent race which allowed him to finish in third position.

Enduro GP Italy J1 Mikael perssonFirst E3 victory for Mikael Persson benefits from the difficult return of Brad Freeman

To note that Brad Freemanwhose left hand braces had just been removed following his fractured thumb during the Portuguese GP, was back for this GP but suffered martyrdom all day and finished a distant 9e place in E3.

Only one week after the ErzberRodéo, Billy Bolt like last year came back to do a freelance in EGP but it was difficult for the Husqvarna rider who finished 10° from E . Admittedly in the Extreme special he had a very good time, but in the cross country and the enduro he was taken dearly by the world leaders.

Enduro GP Italy J1 billy BOLTBily Bolt

French side

On the side of our Frenchies the best performer of the day is Hugo Blanjoue (KTM Élite moto) which signed its best result of the season by rising to 7ᵉ place in the EGP and 4ᵉ place in the E2 just behind Nathan Watson (Honda).

Another performance of the tricolor clan of the day, it is Leo Le Quéré (Sherco Academy) we owe it, because he climbed – for the first time in his career – on the E3 podium behind Mattéo Pavoni (TM Boano Factory) and Mikael Persso.

Leo Le Quéré : Happy with my first podium in Elite 3, but not satisfied with my day because I made bad technical choices plus a fall in the last extreme
The pain in the back bothers me a lot but hey you have to grit your teeth

Enduro GP Italy J1 podium E3First podium among the big arms of the world for Léo Le Quéré

We also note the 4ᵉ place of the E3 for Antoine Cricq (Beta Oxmoto), his best performance of the year.

Loic Larrieu (F-Fantic) finished 14the in EGP and Theo Espnasse (Beta OxMoto) 17e.

Enduro GP Italy J1 val attackValérin Debaud, who replaced the injured Davide Guarneri, riding the official Fanctic 300 finished 11th in E3

Junior: 5ᵉ victory in a row for Pichon

Zach Pichon was still untouchable throughout the day, giving himself a lead of 1 seconds and 7 on Roni Kytonen (Honda). If for the victory Pichon kept a comfortable lead, the fight for the rest of the podium was tight between Kytonen, Jed Etchells (Fantic) and Luc Fargier (Beta). By winning the penultimate test, Fargier was aiming for a first podium. However, an error in the last Cross Test made him lose his chances and it was Etchells, who took the 3e place with less than 2 tenths of a second ahead of Fargier (who won the Junior 2) .

Enduro GP Italy J1 zach pichonZach Pichon

Youth 125

In Enduro Youth, Harry Edmondson (Fantic) continued their Super Test momentum and won this Saturday. With 7 special victories under his belt, Edmondson secured a 15-second margin over his teammate Kevin Cristino. Samuli Puhakainen (TM Racing) completes the top three.

Enduro GP Italy J1 harry edmonsonHarry Edmonson


EGP Italy J1


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Photos: FIM / GasGas / KTM / Husqvarna / Sherco / Mastorgne / Future7media


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