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Didier Bigard’s meeting: “More consistency on the field side than in the presidency”

Zapping Goal! soccer club ASSE: descent, sweeping, the false good ideas circulating

The ASSE recruitment unit did not let itself be trapped by the soothing and overconfident speech of Pascal Dupraz repeating in turn at press conferences that the team was going to hold its own. The first signings of players in June prove that there was preparation, not improvisation. The formalization of the arrival of Laurent Batlles less than twenty-four hours after the press release wishing good luck to his predecessor testifies to the same anticipation, that which was already the strength of Loïc Perrin on the lawns. Captain yesterday, he kept his sense of method and organization. Quietly, with a serenity that prompted us to write at the start of the year that he was certainly the best recruit in the transfer window. What followed only demonstrated this absurdly with an almost general failure of those who were more locker room men than reinforcements when the team needed real players. The observation is paradoxical when we highlight the emblematic defender of the Greens since he assumed this recruitment. But did he have the means to do better? If Roland Romeyer had proclaimed in Progress on January 9 “We had the means to recruit (the previous summer with Claude Puel) … It was a choice of the general manager (not to do so). What we have not spent, we are going to spend it now”, we have never seen this money supposedly “budgeted”… Perrin and Dupraz have done with the means at hand or rather without, clogging the psychological and non-technical breaches of a group or clan groups on the verge of implosion.

Finally a real logic in the construction and rebalancing of the group

But at least the club’s new technical coordinator had done the right analysis. It was necessary to regenerate a workforce that was not living as well as the roles overplayed by Claude Puel and then Pascal Dupraz would have you believe. The list of starters, end of contract and transfers mark a turning point tending to rebalance a workforce where experienced players did not always assume between selections and injuries, where young people needed a boss more than a dad. Without being high-sounding, the names of Dylan Chambost, Jimmy Giraudon and Anthony Briançon fall into this logic, like those announced last week by Mathieu Cafaro and Victor Lobry. More importantly, these arrivals are also tactically consistent. It is no coincidence that Laurent Batlles insists on this fact, the basis of the comebacks with Kasperczack, Nouzaret, Antonetti, as well as the success of Galtier.

For the time being, the new coach of the Greens is authorized to keep the chosen course. This had not been the case for Claude Puel in the project scuttled by the departure of Fofana, summoned to reduce the wage bill before being accused of all the evils, to be destabilized from the inside and to jump, fuse face to the ultras surge.

What will happen to the one who took control of the team without more assurance on the future conduct of the club? We wish him to be the new strong man of a boat, now aground, which hides a fleet if not of incompetence as the troop of the disillusioned suggest, at least a flagship which sails in sight without telescope. “Irrevocable will to sell” or dynastic evasions to pass the torch to the descendants? The speech of the presidency has only one constancy, that of a dissonance. Sell ​​yes, provided you keep an eye and men protected in the club, to get more than the 17 million, mentioned here a year ago and which today are no longer even offered to greedy people who have spoiled a recipe that has become far too indigestible.

Didier Bigard

to summarize

Before the three blows of the season in Dijon, on Saturday, Didier Bigard evokes the Mercato carried out by ASSE so far this summer, which he finds more coherent than the interminable file of the sale of the club… “Will irrevocable to sell or dynastic evasions to pass the torch to the descendants? The speech of the presidency has only one constancy, that of a dissonance, “he believes.


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