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despite a missed penalty, the Italians keep their hand for first place

It’s over in Rome, Italy held in check! (1-1)

Jorginho almost had Qatar on his toes, but missed the winning penalty in injury time. Italy and Switzerland each had their period, and parted with a draw in this clash of Group C. A result that suits the European champions, who retain their first place before the last day. Guaranteed to finish in the first two places, the two nations will decide at a distance on Monday. Italy will travel to Northern Ireland, where Switzerland will receive Bulgaria.

Donnarumma close to the goal cap! (1-1)

What a fright in the Italian area, while Donnarumma completely misses when controlling a ball back. Zeqiri can take advantage of it, but Bonucci comes to save his people in front of his line!

Additional time

While Italy misses the opportunity to almost secure victory, four more minutes are announced.

And Jorginho misses his penalty !! (1-1)

Yet in his favorite exercise, Jorginho plays the shot badly and sends the ball next to the skylight of Sommer!

Penalty for Italy! (1-1)

The VAR is called upon as Berardi fell into the surface of the Nati. Garcia made a small push on the Italian, and the referee whistled the penalty for the Nazionale after watching the action on video!!

The Nati plays its last card

And yet another replacement, while Vargas, very restless in the first period, is replaced by Zeqiri.

Frame leaks Chiesa

At the entrance to the surface, Chiesa opened up a good shooting position, and fired a dry shot from the right. It starts a meter above Sommer’s crossbar, which accompanies this ball.

Yellow card for Akanji

Akanji is the first Swiss warned in this meeting. He committed a hand judged voluntary by Mr. Taylor, near the sideline.

Changes on both sides

The Swiss Frei and Sow enter the track, while Okafor and Shaqiri go out. Italian winger Insigne leaves his place to Raspadori, Emerson his to Calabria.

La Nazionale insists

Italian domination is becoming more and more pressing. We feel the teammates of Jorginho, who now reigns in the middle and distributes the game, close to finding the fault.

Sommer unwittingly veers off his line! (1-1)

A heavy strike from Insigne is successfully repelled by Sommer, with his leg on his line, surprised by this ball deflected by Akanji on the way. The Swiss were hot!

The Nati is holding up

Although the fatigue is felt, Switzerland remains disciplined, well organized defensively. But the Nati has much more difficulty in projecting itself now.

Happy Reading Sommer

Tonali is launched on the left by Emerson. Unbalanced, the newcomer manages to straighten his center, but Sommer has anticipated well and comes to bed on this hot ball.

A change made by Mancini

The Italian coach responds in stride, while Barella leaves in favor of Cristante, the Roma midfielder.

Double change on the Swiss side

Visibly touched behind a thigh, Rodriguez must give way to Garcia. Imeri replaced Steffen in the middle.

Emerson takes his chance

Stayed high on an attacking streak from Italy, Emerson receives the ball towards the left corner of the box and does not question it. His heavy strike passes a few meters above.

Show in the stands

If the public of the Stadio Olimpico cracks a frenzied ola in the stands, on the lawn the actors have much more difficulty to offer us a little spectacle. Italy defends well, but lacks offensive accuracy.


Switzerland have lost just one of their last 36 World Cup qualifying matches.

Okafor plays with fire

The two entrants are already sharp, and air the game of the Nazionale. On a corner hit on the left by Insigne, Okafor lets slip behind him. It was daring, Tonali was on the lookout at the far post.

Double change for the Nazionale

We saw it coming: Belotti was replaced by Berardi, while Locatelli gave way to young AC Milan midfielder Tonali.

Belotti invisible

The number 9 is very little found in the Italian attacking sector. The Torino striker, however, has a good card to play in front in the absence of Immobile.

Zakaria misses his shot

The Swiss go against. While the Italians quickly came back in numbers behind, Zakaria slowed down his run and took his chance from afar. It’s way off.

Italy timidly dominates

This beginning of the second period is padlocked. The Italians are still more in control than at the start of the first act. Less would have been hardly achievable for Mancini’s players anyway.

Penalty for Switzerland?

A hand from Bonucci in his area, deemed not punishable by the referee, does not give rise to a penalty, to the chagrin of the Swiss who claimed it in unison.

Yellow card for Insignia

Insigne is quickly warned of a yellow card by Mr. Taylor. The Italian is sanctioned for wanting to discuss an arbitration decision.

It’s back to Rome! (1-1)

No change to note at the break, we leave with the same.

It’s the break on this parity score! (1-1)

Part drum beating in this match, the Nati quickly took the advantage on a sublime goal from Widmer (11th), rewarding untenable Swiss. Italy then let the storm pass, and managed to equalize by taking advantage of the blunder of Sommer, at fault on the goal of Di Lorenzo (36th). The Nazionale came back in the game, but is doing well.

Additional time

Two additional minutes are announced by the fourth referee.

Chiesa gets the first yellow

For an accumulation of small faults, the Italian winger receives a yellow card, the first of the match.

Italy is back in the game

The European champions are dominant at the end of the first period, even if this act seems far from over for Mancini’s players.

The VAR validated

The Stadio Olimpico has regained all its fervor and decibels, while this goal, verified by video, is validated by Mr. Taylor. Sommer really went fishing on this goal.


La Nazionale have a good free kick to negotiate, on the left. The ball played by Insigne towards the danger zone is taken over with a header by Di Lorenzo, who beats Sommer’s bad outing and finds the side netting!!

Schär had flown away

Far eccentric free kick for the Nati, on the left. With his left foot, Shaqiri deposits the ball on the head of Schär, who imposes himself in the air in the middle of two opponents and places a good header. Donnarumma had caught, but an offside position is served late.

Italy is much better

The Nati is retreating more and more, and Italy has woken up. Mancini players finally manage to develop the game, and are less bothered by the aggressive pressing of the Helvetians.

Sommer lies down! (0-1)

Another fine save from the Swiss goalkeeper, on a subtle and very vicious curl from Chiesa. Sommer dives to his left to capture this ball after rebound!

Double opportunity for the Nazionale! (0-1)

It was enough to say that for the Italians to have a double chance. Emerson’s uncontrolled strike is first repelled by a Swiss. The ball then arrives at Chiesa, near the goalkeeper on the right. But Sommer is on parade on his line!

But what about Italy?

The European champions very rarely manage to cross the center line with the ball at their feet. Nati players are everywhere, like Okafor and Vargas, untenable.

Shaqiri’s Attempt

On an action similar to the first goal, Okafor fixes the defense and serves back Shaqiri. This time, the Lyonnais opens his foot too much and his ball is not on target.

Okafor’s wrap! (0-1)

Okafor still makes the difference in front of the Italian surface. The forward swoops down on his left foot and unleashes a sudden, powerful curling kick that doesn’t go far past the post!

Italy in trouble

The Swiss are rewarded for their good start to the match, and their desire to constantly project themselves forward. Opposite, Italy is far too passive, and lacks solutions.


What against the Nati. Okafor is launched at full speed to the left, and leaves Acerbi on the diamond. The Swiss back on the ground towards Widmer who, without control, unleashes an overpowered shot that lodges under the bar of Donnarumma!

Italy finally on the attack

First sequence of Italian possession in the opposing half. Di Lorenzo’s center is pushed back by Widmer, imposing in his area.

Okafor, main threat

Okafor is often quickly sought out in front, but the Swiss striker is for the moment well contained by the Italian hinge. It will still be necessary to be wary of this twirling player for the Bonucci-Acerbi pair.

Barella hit… where it hurts

The Nati continues to asphyxiate the Italians, who are curled up in front of their surface. Barella remains on the ground in his half of the field, visibly touched … in the private parts. Zakaria’s heavy strike landed in the wrong place.

Switzerland with envy

The Helvetians are carried forward in these first minutes of play. Okafor sent the first mine well above the entry crossbar, and the Nati have since pushed into the Italian camp.

Let’s go on the lawn of Rome! (0-0)

It is the Italians who engage in a superb atmosphere at the Stadio Olimpico!

Kick-off is near!

The players enter the lawn of the Stadio Olimpico, accompanied by the referee of the match, Anthony Taylor. The Italians, with their usual fervor, and the Swiss, launch into their anthem.

Italy wants to erase the trauma of 2018

Four years ago, Italy missed the World Cup, a first since 1958, after failing in the play-offs against Sweden. If its status has changed since then, the Nazionale necessarily wants to turn this dark page in its history.

We meet once again

During the last Euro, won by Italy, Roberto Mancini’s men had crushed Switzerland in the group stage (3-0), thanks in particular to a double from Manuel Locatelli. Switzerland still managed to qualify for the round of 16, eliminating France in a penalty shootout in the round of 16. Spain finally eliminated Xherdan Shaqiri and his teammates in the next round.

A little reminder of the rules

The ten group winners qualify for the 2022 World Cup, which will take place from November 21 to December 18 in Qatar. The ten second in the group will go through the play-offs, which will take place from March 24 to 29.

A success to get closer to Qatar

Capital match for the Italian European champions against the Swiss in Rome, with a view to qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. The two teams are currently tied on points (14) at the top of Group C, before the last two days. The one who wins tonight will almost validate first place, and her ticket to Qatar.

The compositions have fallen!

In the absence of the injured Ciro Immobile, Roberto Mancini started Andrea Belotti in an unsurprising formation, with in particular Manuel Locatelli in the middle in place of Marco Verratti, currently injured, and Francesco Acerbi in central defense alongside Leonardo Bonucci, in the absence of Giorgio Chiellini.

Italy: Donnarumma – Di Lorenzo, Bonucci (cap), Acerbi, Emerson – Barella, Jorginho, Locatelli – Chiesa, Belotti, Insigne.

On the Swiss side, Murat Yakin, also not spared by the packages (Breel Embolo, Granit Xhaka, Haris Seferovic and Nico Elvedi are absent), chose to start with the young Salzburg striker Noah Okafor, 21 years old. This is his first tenure, more than two years after his first selection in June 2019, where he came into play for a few minutes. Lyonnais Xherdan Shaqiri is lined up as a playmaker.

Switzerland: Sommer – Widmer, Akanji, Schär, Rodriguez – Zakaria, Freuler – Steffen, Shaqiri (cap), Vargas – Okafor.

Welcome to RMC Sport!

Good evening everyone and welcome to our site to follow the live commentary of the match between Italy (1st, 14 points, diff. +11) and Switzerland (2nd, 14 points, diff. +9), counting for the qualifications of the Europe zone at the 2022 World Cup. Kick-off scheduled for 8:45 p.m.!


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