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Comparative strengths and weaknesses of the clash between Chelsea and Real Madrid

The kick-off of the clash of the titans is about to be whistled, 90min invites you to take stock of the strengths and weaknesses between Chelsea and Real Madrid. Several categories have been chosen, in order to best cover the different aspects of this future quarter-final first leg of the Champions League. A comparative balance sheet which should make it possible to draw up a favorite in this shock of the quarter-finals of C1.

Antonio Ruediger

Chelsea Advantage/Alex Pantling/GettyImages

Chelsea Advantage:

Although Real Madrid have a squad of big names, it’s Chelsea who win this round. The depth and quality of the London bench plays a big role in this decision.

Because it’s true, the XI of Chelsea can potentially be less dreaming than that of Real, but the depth of the bench and the quality of the players who sit there are much higher than in Madrid. All positions are doubled and each substitute can be perfectly aligned as a starter without upsetting the whole balance of the team.

Two positions are symptomatic of this problem among Meringuethat of right side and the position of number 9. When we look at the Madrid workforce, whether in right side or scorer, none of the substitutes can perform at a level equivalent to that of the holder.

Karim Benzema is absolutely irreplaceable and literally carries the attack and even the attacking game of the team on his shoulders. Something that none of the substitutes on the bench is able to provide. For the right-back position, it’s a little more complicated. Let’s say that neither Lucas Vasquez nor Carvajal can now claim to be a starter in a club like Real Madrid.

Even if Vasquez seems better able to perform, Caravajal has proven that he no longer brings much to this team, even becoming a burden for his people. Under these conditions, Chelsea wins this point.

Karim Benzema

Real Madrid Advantage / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Real Madrid advantage:

The Londoners and Madrid both have the same record over the last five games, but one seems more feverish than the other. From a purely statistical point of view, the two teams are one defeat and four wins away from the last five games.

But when we look closer, we realize that Chelsea have had more trouble in recent weeks. Tuchel’s players remain on a stinging defeat at home against Brentford (1-4), which is not ideal before approaching such a meeting.

On the Madrid side, this victory and especially this double from Karim Benzema against Celta Vigo make it possible to pass the storm of the Clasico, largely dominated by Barça (0-4).

To tell the truth, the difference between the two protagonists is played out above all on the fact that the Meringue had very important absentees against the Catalans, when Chelsea had their full squad against Brentford. Advantage Real Madrid therefore.

Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League

Advantage Real Madrid/Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Real Madrid advantage:

If we take the statistics, Real may seem less fit than the Blues on the European scene. Two wins in the last two games for Chelsea, against a defeat and a victory for the Casa Blanca.

But then, the opponent was not quite the same caliber. Chelsea managed to qualify against LOSC when Real Madrid managed to climb into the quarter against Paris Saint-Germain. Moreover, their performance in the second leg, especially in the second half, was totally stunning.

These are the kind of teams, who know how to raise their level of play and resist pressure, who manage to reach the last four. Remember also that the Londoners doubted against Lille who boldly played their luck.
For the comeback inflicted on PSG and the grit that this group releases when it is in difficulty, the balance tips in favor Meringue.

Champions League Round of 16

Chelsea Advantage/ANP/GettyImages

Chelsea Advantage:

The match is once again close between the two teams, but Chelsea seem to be a step above their future Spanish opponent on the defensive level. Even if the return of Ferland Mendy is a significant asset in the defensive balance of Madrid, the Blues seem better in place.

In La Liga this season, Ancelotti’s men have conceded 26 goals in 30 games, while Chelsea have conceded 23 goals in 29 Premier League games. An insignificant difference, but which is to be put into perspective in the face of the excessively high level of the English championship.

With a formation of three central defenders behind and two pistons on the sides, Chelsea have found a formula that works for them rather well. The complementarity between Christensen, Thiago Silva and Rüdiger has proven itself, all that remains is to test this formula against the most successful club in the history of the C1, this Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.

Karim Benzema

Advantage Real Madrid/Octavio Passos/GettyImages

Real Madrid advantage:

For 50.77 expected goals (xG) in the league this season, Chelsea have scored 58 goals, which is 7.23 more than their goalscoring chances would allow.

But the problem is that the Blues only score very few goals through their forwards. Witness the statistics of Timo Werner and Romelu Lukaku. In all competitions, the German has scored just 7 goals in 29 appearances. His Belgian colleague is no better, with only 12 goals in 35 appearances in all competitions.

For Real Madrid, it’s the opposite. The vast majority of goals scored by the club can be attributed to two of its star strikers. Frenchman Karim Benzema and Auriverde Vinicius Jr. With 61 goals scored in La Liga this season, the Merengues exceed their expected goals by 0.63 goals which are up to 60.37.

And it is largely thanks to a certain tricolor international, who scored 34 goals in 35 games played, in all competitions. Alone, he totaled almost double the number of goals scored by the attackers of the Blues.

Even if the debate is already closed, remember that Vinicius Jr has planted 17 goals in 40 games in all competitions. If there is one point where Real is clearly superior to its opponent, it is efficiency in front of goal.

Antonio Rudiger, Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea Advantage/James Williamson – AMA/GettyImages

Chelsea Advantage :

There is no photo between the two coaches this season, the German from Chelsea is much more interesting tactically than the Italian from Real Madrid. The supporters meringue will not contradict us, as the game offered by their team is close to nothing.

And yet, they manage to climb to the top of La Liga and take out PSG in the round of 16. It must be said that with players like Casemiro, Kroos and Modric in the middle, as well as Benzema in front, the coach can rely on their talent.

When Thomas Tuchel put in place very specific game ideas and a tactical plan to be followed to the letter. This is also what made the strength of this team during the last edition of the Champions League.

The reigning European champions therefore win this point and will be able to count on the expertise of the German tactician to try to thwart Madrid’s talents.

Jorginho, Luka Modric

Draw / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Draw :

They are two Champions League juggernauts who meet in the quarter-finals, and both have above-average experience.

Real Madrid are none other than the most successful team in the history of the C1, when Chelsea are the defending champions. Difficult in these conditions to identify a favorite.

If Real Madrid has experienced some upheavals in its workforce since their last title in the premier competition, the Blues they have almost the same squad as last season.

A deserved draw on both sides, although historically the Meringue have no opponent that comes close to their ankle.


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