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Commemoration for “La Monique”, cancellation of the Gigawatt, La Foa festival, dog show: the news on the 1 of Sunday July 31, 2022

Most of the news in Caledonia this morning: the commemoration for the disappearance of “La Monique” 69 years ago to the day, the weather which leads to cancellations like that of the Gigawatt, the end of the Film Festival in La Foa or the return of the dog show.

No Gigawatt this morning in Yaté. The rains got the better of this emblematic race which uses the hydroelectric dam. The organizers preferred to cancel, in particular for security reasons. Around 1,200 runners and 250 volunteers were planned, but we will have to wait until 2023. In the meantime, registrations will be reimbursed, details to be found here.

Serial cancellations because of the rains, therefore. Events, but also rotations of Air Calédonie. Six flights of the domestic company out of nine could not be done yesterday morning due to lack of visibility. The company will try to relocate the approximately 600 passengers who remained on the ground. A puzzle since one of its planes is under maintenance in Singapore and it is complicated to insert additional rotations.

This morning, Air Calédonie services took place normally. It remains to watch the sky to see if it will be the same all day. For the moment, a yellow vigilance remains in force, for strong wind. It concerns ten municipalities: the North-West, from Pouembout to Belep, and Loyalty. The reason, a southeast wind reaching 45 to 55 km/h during the day, with gusts of 65 to 75 km/h.

After a whole week of commemorations all over the country, return to Maré which marks this date every year: July 31, 1953 in the afternoon, the coaster Monique left Nengone to reach Nouméa. And the ship never arrived, nor did its 108 passengers and eighteen crew. The ceremony takes place in Tadine. Yesterday, it was in Lifou, Xepenehe that the drama was marked, and for the first time in this way.

Last day to refuel before another hike. Tomorrow, the price of diesel will reach that of gasoline: 194.7 francs per liter, despite the tax cuts decided by the government.

After eight days dedicated to the Seventh Art, the La Foa Festival unveiled its prize list last night, during the closing ceremony. Among the awards, a Nautile d’honneur for the director Roland Rossero, the NC la 1ère prize for the best short film for #Youtoo, by Anthony Verons, the Aline Marteaud-Da Silva Jury Prize for the short film Outstretched hand, by Lucile Seranne and Marie Baille or the interpretation prize for André Wenehoua.

Vanuatu celebrates 42 years of independence this weekend. A somewhat special celebration, the country having reopened its borders just a month ago, after two years of health crisis. A marked event in Caledonia too, through the “Festival of Vanuatu” which continues today at the Fayard park in Dumbéa.

In Nouméa, we celebrated another anniversary yesterday: the creation, twenty years ago, of the CMJ. In two decades, no less than 827 young people have been elected junior municipal councillors.

The president of Oceanic Awakening will be the guest of the news this evening at 7:30 p.m. Milakulo Tukumuli will speak on the Ruamm deficit, the separatists’ refusal to participate in a committee of signatories or even the next renewal of the Congress office.

In Païta, a scent of Polynesia reigned yesterday at the Arène du Sud. More than one hundred students from dance schools took part in the very first Tahitian dance competition organized in Caledonia, the Ori Tahiti I Taratoni.

Three years that it had not taken place. The Territorial Canine Society of New Caledonia is organizing its dog show this weekend at the Henry-Milliard racecourse in Nouméa. Yesterday, there were different competitions and today, the masters can have their protege confirmed, with regard to the standards of his breed.

  • Rural women’s market in Noumea, at the Tjibaou center, until noon.
  • Garage sales of Free at the Païta Arena, until 1 p.m.
  • Seventh edition of the Spirit festival, until 4 p.m., at Brunelet Park in Nouméa with five wellness areas.
  • End of the Waleï Festival in Ouvéa, at the Heo tribe.
  • “La Nuit des chorégraphes” at the cultural center of Mont-Dore, but it’s sold out.

Despite the rain, the Urban Agriculture Festival took place yesterday, at the municipal nursery of Nouméa. Many workshops were offered for city dwellers looking for ingenious solutions in small spaces. Among the solutions imagined: a small “air” vegetable garden that fits on a balcony and which allows you to grow vegetables, even in an apartment. Or the chickens!

The rain also heckled the fourteenth day of the super league yesterday, forcing matches to be canceled. At the Numa-Daly stadium, AS Wetr won 2-1 against AS Kunié, then Mont-Dore won against AS Lössi, 2-0. And a draw at Boulari, 2- 2, between Dumbéa FC and JS Baco. In the provisional ranking, Tiga sport comes first, followed by Hienghène sport and AS Magenta.

And a word about the futsal super league, which experienced its fifteenth day on Saturday. At the Anewy room in the Vallée-du-Tir, equality between Kartier Nord and Houaïlou. ASPTT won 7-3 over AS Wetr. University defeats Olympic 8-5. And in Lifou, Zeolyl futsal beat AS Bwyru 9-5 while Ne Drehu and FC Ferrand drew 5-5.

In Suva, the Nations Cup of Oceania was won by Papuan footballers last night. They had the upper hand over the Fijians, 2-1. Remember that the New Caledonian players stopped in the quarter-finals.

In Bourail, inauguration yesterday of new trails for mountain biking in the Deva area: the “pro line” and the “rando passion” more dedicated to a family audience. These two projects are winners of the South Province’s 2021 participatory budget. Total cost: 9.75 million.

In the region, Australia is also bearing the brunt of inflation. It peaks at 6.1%. This is almost twice as high as the previous government’s estimates. Worse still, it should peak at 7.75% by the end of the year.


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