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Christophe Galtier confides – Kick Football

The PSG would have put in place fairly strict rules of common life: in Le Parisien, Christophe Galtier specifies all this.

Delays, meals together, etc. PSG would have put in place a big update of its rules of life, to give new impetus to a group which was split into clans. But in Le Parisien, Christophe Galtier assures us that it is not that hard. “I also heard that I forbid telephones at the table. It’s wrong ! I just ask them to cut the bells and not answer at the table. But I don’t forbid them to watch a live football match anyway or to receive an urgent call. In this case, they make a sign and isolate themselves, there is no problem. »

The new PSG has not become a hyper-police state either. “But there is no policeman to watch their every coming and going. (Thinks) It’s just normal. We spend a lot of time together, in hotels or at the Camp des Loges, you just have to establish certain principles for it to be pleasant”.

“Why would they speak to each other in French? »

“The same goes for the schedules: everyone has to be on time, otherwise it creates incidents that are likely to annoy. For the respect of people who are on time, I am on time, that’s the basis. »

Finally, Galtier believes that French should be the spoken language… with adjustments. “Me, at the group level, I only speak French. That doesn’t prevent me from asking my staff to translate certain things to avoid misunderstandings. But there is no obligation to speak French in the locker room. There are Argentinians, Portuguese, Spaniards… Why would they speak to each other in French? I worked abroad. When I met a francophone, I spoke French to him. These obligations are pure fantasy! »

Undesirables? What undesirables?

Christophe Galtier has made his choices: Gueye, Icardi, Herrera, Draxler or even Kurzawa are for sale, and will train until they are sold in a separate group. But for all that, the PSG coach does not want to qualify them as undesirable.

“Let’s talk about these players who are called undesirables. Do you realize this name? We are talking about international players, players who can go to the World Cup. No, they are not unwanted! But there is a desire on the part of the management to change things, to have a renewal. And in this context, we cannot stack the players each time a new coach arrives. In the end, that makes sessions with 27, 28 elements. It’s difficult to work, difficult for the entire workforce but even more so for those who will have minimal playing time, ”said the Ile-de-France manager for Le Parisien.

“Believe me, on a human level, nothing was easy. But I wanted to be frank and direct and, with Luis (Campos), speak quickly to the players so that they have time to look back, reflect on the situation and not be blamed for us, a few days from the end of the transfer window, for not having told them anything. Was I wrong or right? Only the future will tell. But I’m sure you can’t work properly with 28 outfield players in training, or with six or seven very unhappy players in a locker room,” Galtier finished.

PSG, a dream for years

Christophe Galtier also talks about his vision of PSG, which has always been different from those of other clubs. Even as a Marseillais. “With 100% honesty, I always wanted to coach PSG. Ask my family environment… Obviously, as a player, I played a few PSG-OM, there were also good confrontations when I was assistant there. But for a Marseillais, I always had a different view of what Paris Saint-Germain was. There is no will to seduce or to make com in what I am telling you. If I’ve never said it before, it’s because I’ve never been asked the question.”

“Wherever I went, whether as coach or assistant, I devoted twenty hours a day to my job. When the opportunity to coach PSG presented itself, neither I nor my very close family said to each other: be careful, you are from Marseille. I am a French coach and I will give everything to go as high as possible. If there is a French coach who has always spoken well of PSG, it’s me. I have always considered him the locomotive of French football.


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