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“Cavani-Kalimuendo, it would be heavy” … the secrets of Jean-Clair Todibo on his ambitions, the France team, the transfer window

Young people participated in the course. Your look?

Badr (Bouanani) has a lot of qualities, this little youngster, I like it a lot. Belahyane? Watch too. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like, I’m tough on them on the pitch. Either you show your qualities, or you go out. it frustrates me when he misses easy things.

Antoine Mendy?

He’s not new, he’s been in the group for a year already. He has qualities, he must take playing time this season to show them to all of France.

This summer, you discovered Dave Brailsford?

He has succeeded in the world of sport, is very attentive. He gives us the keys to success, which he has achieved in his career, respect! He gives his all for the club. When he rolled out his CV, we were impressed. He’s the boss, everyone knows that. He doesn’t claim to have a deep knowledge of football, but he is ambitious and makes you want to stay in Nice. He knows exactly what a top athlete needs.

Jean-Pierre Rivère is back in business…

I like him, he’s a quiet guy, seriously cool. He is in good shape, he does not look his age!

Are you ready for Season 2 with Dante?

I hope. We still talk to each other so much on the pitch, I will always have to learn from him. It’s normal given his experience. In twenty years of career, he logically knows more things than me. Playing alongside him is a pleasure. We finished co-best defense in L1, one of the best in Europe last season. We are competitors, we want to do even better.

Mattia Viti arrives in central defense. Did you know him?

No way. He trained for the first time on Wednesday, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s very very good. With Flavius ​​(Daniliuc), we have four centrals, that will do us good. It was a little tight last year, it will be better with two other guys ready to play. Maybe even fit to take our place. it’s called competition, it will be healthy.

This transfer window took a while to start…

I would say the players took a while to arrive rather. Last year, it was within a week of the same timing. Melvin (Bard), Pablo (Rosario), Mario (Lemina) arrive the day before the match against Milan. Calvin (Stengs) was there just before Divonne, Justin (Kluivert) arrived in Divonne. Ineos and the club are very ambitious, we can see it with the arrival of Ramsey.

Ramsey, is it strong?

It’s incredible, he is very, very strong. Technically, it’s above average. I’m not surprised, I saw him playing at Arsenal. You see his resume, you get his experience.

He’s a good recruit for a young group?

It is sure that he does not come to make up the numbers. He can really add weight to the group. There is a bit of a language barrier, he is reserved at the start of his adventure here. But he laughs and will quickly adapt to an easy-going group.

And Kasper Schmeichel?

It’s great, he’s a top goalkeeper. He will do us good, bring back experience and help Marcin (Bulka), who is a goalkeeper with great potential. it will do him good to learn from him.

Cavani-Kalimuendo, it would be heavy but the coach will start scratching his head

A few rookies in front and it would start to be really not bad…

It wouldn’t hurt. Kalimuendo, I like it a lot. Last year, he was one of the strikers I preferred to play against, I like it when it’s hot. There had been a real balance of power, he is a good spirit. He is very mature for his age, makes good calls, places himself well, he is boring to play.

And Edinson Cavani, would you like it?

Don’t tell me that! I like! Oh, it’s the Matador anyway, top scorer in the history of PSG. It would do him good! The guys breathe more with the dog from Uruguay and the gypsy (Delort, editor’s note)! You recover ten balls at half-time with this kind of attackers. They are killers in front of goal, it runs, it makes the effort. Cavani-Kalimuendo, it would be heavy but the coach will start scratching his head.

Calvin Stengs?

To monitor. I think it will soon hatch, its adaptation is coming to an end. I don’t want him to make me lie. Ilie, too, he stinks of football.

Kasper Dolberg?

He may not have been good in the 4-4-2. He’s a great player for me. He had complications, diabetes, he didn’t necessarily feel well. I hope that the arrival of Kasper (Schmeichel) will do him a world of good. He can explode, he’s a top striker. He must be at 15-20 goals per year this striker!

The club’s podium ambitions?

Like the club, Ineos is even more ambitious than before. I’m not surprised, it seems logical to me to do this kind of transfer window. There is no barrier and we should not worry about it. We have to aim as high as possible, win as many matches as possible.

Your opponents?

They are always the same, including Paris. We did not lose once against Paris last season, we hope to do the same. If we lose against anyone, that would be the best (smile). But everyone must be taken seriously in L1.

How do you apprehend the Conference League play-off?

I watched the draw on my phone. I would have preferred to take Villarreal. I like big games. These are two teams (Thessaloniki and Maccabi Tel Aviv) that seem weaker on paper, but that doesn’t mean anything.

We are always better when we feel pushed by the fans

There will be a warm atmosphere in any case outside.

It’s going to be awesome. I hope that they too will have to face a warm atmosphere on their return to the Allianz. We need our supporters to come to the stadium, it won’t be the same match, for us as for the opponent. We are always better when we feel pushed by the supporters. Remember the half of the Cup against Marseille, we lost 1-0, the public pushes, it’s 4-1 behind.

With a huge Kluivert. Would you have kept it?

(Live) Of course. The transfer window is not over, I hope he will come back.

Amine Gouiri is going through a crisis of confidence. Do you talk about it?

Not every day but when necessary. Amine is a big boy, very strong mentally, very talented on the ball. Everything will be back to normal and back to how it was. It will be even better. He is only 21 years old, this period will allow him to learn certain things. All the attackers in the world have experienced this. Against Torino, I found him quite good, he was at the start of goal action. I don’t think Amine will leave.

You have become one of the fans’ favorite players. How do you explain it?

I am myself. People like me because I wet the jersey, give the maximum so that the team wins. Afterwards, you would have to ask the fans the question (smiles).

What are you missing to reach the France team?

My time will come if it should happen. I hope so, I work but I’m not envious or jealous. I am very happy for William (Saliba) and the others. But I don’t feel inferior to them. I would really like to wear this blue jersey.



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