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At RC Lens, Jonathan Clauss leaves behind assists, goals and emotions

After 2 great seasons at RC Lens, Jonathan Clauss is leaving for a new adventure in Marseille. 2 years rich in assists and emotions.

Just take a look at the reactions posted on social networks, from the most positive to the most negative to see that the departure of RC Lens to OM by Jonathan Clauss is far from trivial on a sporting but also emotional level for the supporters. In 2 years, the right lane player who turned professional late in life has made a deep impression on the Blood and Gold spirits. His panache fit perfectly with this search for emotions in the game advocated by Franck Haise.

Passer, scorer… A particularly decisive player leaves.

However, at the time of his recruitment in the summer of 2020, the arrival of Jonathan Clauss was not necessarily the most rowdy. He arrived free from Bielefeld, a club in the 2nd German division of which he had nevertheless been an important player in the rise in the Bundesliga. When his signature leaked, even before the end of the season in Germany, his name was above all a vague memory of match sheets from these too many Ligue 2 evenings at Bollaert, with Quevilly-Rouen. However, we were able to watch him in his last matches in Bundesliga 2, which was an opportunity to see that Florent Ghisolfi and the Lensoise recruitment unit had really not signed him for nothing. But he still had to answer a question: was he able to reproduce this type of performance in an elite championship?

Jonathan Clauss finally went above and beyond. 8 goals and 17 assists in 70 Ligue 1 matches later, statistics which earned him twice the title of best right-back in the championship by his peers at the UNFP trophies, the Alsatian of origin changed status at RC Lens, approaching his thirties. To the point of becoming a French international at the age of 29, after an emotional moment that made the pride of an entire club and a people who had been pushing behind him for months for his selection. And that’s also what we’ll remember from Jonathan Clauss, beyond the sporting performances: a hell of a character, more emotional than others, with his hands shaking when Didier Deschamps announced his selection. , with his slightly hoarse voice at a press conference when he explains that the camera that fell on RC Lens-Strasbourg prevents his mother from coming to see him play at Bollaert for the first time, or this freshness in his attitudes seen on the sidelines of matches , in training, at a press conference, with the supporters, without forgetting his total commitment on the pitch…

Jonathan Clauss has become the first French international lensois since Alou Diarra.

Bollaert, RC Lens and Jonathan Clauss were made for each other. His departure hurts a lot of supporters, we can easily understand that. It’s never easy to lose a player who is both important and endearing. But the choice of the right piston also seems to respond to a certain sporting logic. It’s not a brutal and incomprehensible start as we can sometimes see in a transfer window. At 30, in the final third of a career that took him all the way down to the amateur divisions of German football, he might not have had many other opportunities to play in the Champions League, even if we like to believe that doing it one day with the RC Lens would have been possible. OM offers him this possibility without wasting the time he no longer necessarily has, in a championship he knows and with real chances of starting. A choice supposed to be 6 months from a World Cup, the biggest competition to be played for any professional player: this transfer can allow him to play the biggest competition that a club player can play while preserving his chances of playing also the greatest existing in selection. In the meantime, we will have to get used to seeing him play in new colors, and even against RC Lens. In October, Racing will go to the VĂ©lodrome while the return to Bollaert of Jonathan Clauss is scheduled for around May 7. By then, the page will no doubt be turned, but certainly not forgotten.


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