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An unprecedented finale to end such a long season!

Finally, this Thursday evening the curtain falls on the 2021-2022 season. A long season, a tiring season, in which two protagonists are still dragging their feet. They share the same ordeal: playing the highest number of matches this season among all the teams affiliated with the FRMF. They need a lot of physical and mental resources before the end of the game.

Ultimate motivation and last cartridges

Their ultimate motivation: to play the final of the Throne Cup and hope to win the precious coveted trophy. Their last rounds will be fired on the night of Thursday July 28 to Friday July 29, 2022 in Rabat at the Moulay Abdallah Sports Complex. The most patient, the most focused, the most skilful and the luckiest will get on the podium. Tonight, we need a winner and a loser. The trophy is indivisible. He will take the road to Berkane or that of Casablanca.

Tapping deep into emotional reserves

RSB and WAC will tap deep into their emotional and nervous reserves to remedy their physical and mental exhaustion. Wydad is the most affected at this level. Two executives, Achraf Dari and Mbenza, and his mentor, Jabrane, will be absent. The first two left the club. The third for accumulation of 3 warnings in cup matches. The Wydad will be orphaned. Will he be able to resist the entire Berkanese collective present?

Realism first!

Both teams share a sense of realism. Their game is not spectacular but successful. The RSB no longer embodies this image. They evolve in a low block, leave the ball to the opponent and react with counterattacks. Their face to face this Thursday is likely to be the scene especially since it is not a question of trying to please but to win. It’s a final. However, finals are made to be won in the first place. This is what history remembers and what makes the prize list.

RSB and WAC, a different story in the Throne Cup

The RSB is in its fourth final. She lost two (2) and won one (1). His only coronation dates back to 2017-2018. It was against another Wydad, that of Fez. After parity (2-2), the RSB won the trophy thanks to the advantage acquired on penalties (3-2).

As for Wydad, we have to go back a long way to place their last appearance in the final of the Throne Cup. It was during the 2003-2004 season. His first final was during the first edition of the Throne Cup, season 1956-1957. He lost his first four finals: 56/57, 57/58, 60/61 and 63/64. His fifth final, in 1969/70, was to be the one.

Since then, he didn’t lose them again until 2003/2004. It was during the 77/78, 78/79, 80/81, 88/89, 93/94, 96/97, 97/98 and 2001/2002 seasons. In 2003/2004, he played his 15th final, his sixth lost after winning 9 finals in succession. In all, Wydad have played 15 finals, lost 6 and won 9. Tonight’s will be their sixteenth. The gap is huge historically between the two teams.

Tonight is another matter!

Tonight’s final is another matter. Both parties have experienced African consecration; Wydad in the Champions League and Renaissance in the CAF Cup. They will meet in the CAF Super Cup. The CAF left it to the FRMF to choose the date and place. Nationally, the Casablancais finished first in the Botola pro D1 with 63 points, 19 wins, 6 draws, 5 losses, 46 goals scored and 24 conceded. The Berkanais finished sixth with a total of 41 points, 10 wins, 11 draws, 9 losses, 39 goals scored and 33 conceded.

Results hunters!

Both teams share a sense of realism. Their game is not spectacular but successful. The Wydad and the Renaissance are results hunters. The RSB no longer embodies this image. They evolve in a low block, try to master the recovery, leave the ball to the opponent and relaunch with counterattacks. The result first, the way later! Their face to face this Thursday evening is likely to be, once again, the scene especially since it is not a question of trying to please but to win. It’s a final. However, the finals are made to be won. This is what history remembers.

To each his own weapon!

RSB’s lethal weapon is set pieces and crosses from the side towards Charki El Bahri in the middle. The RSB excels at this level. Wydad favor through passes from their center line. Only the boss of his game, Yahya Jabrane, and his artificer Mbenza will be absent this evening. Regragui surely has a plan B, he, who would like to end his exceptional season in style.

A unique and balanced finish

If the figures plead in favor of Wydad, on the ground, at kick-off, it is fifty fifty. Matches between the two teams have often been tight. It will be even more so in this unprecedented final. We hope it will be open and that there will be entertainment and goals. The goals are the essential and essential ingredients for there to be a spectacle. Too much prudence and a wait-and-see attitude harm the performance and make it boring and uninteresting.

I can not wait for the vacation!

Only, we are at the end of an already rather prolonged season. The players are physically and mentally exhausted. They thought they were on vacation after the semi-finals. They have to wait and wait a few more long days. The FRMF decided to end the season once and for all and not to let the final of the Throne Cup drag on until the following season. The decision surprised. We had to run. Regragui, Ibenge and the players at the end of the contract could play their final if they wish. They are not legally obliged to do so, but rather morally. The duel is promised. It is its form that raises questions. Wydad has been running behind the Trophy since 2001-2002. It’s a long time! The RSB is in search of its second crown. The most involved, the most skilful and the luckiest will be the lucky winner of the 2021/2022 edition.



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