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“An African striker and two internationals to close recruitment”

The president of the capital club spoke on the set of a private television channel on the transfer window. The opportunity to ensure that the CRB will still make two or three shots and promises that it will indeed be heavy.

As everyone has seen, the transfer window produced by Chabab is quite flashy with internationals and sure values ​​who have been recruited. All this means that the Belouzidadis have formed a very high quality team for the new exercise where they are simply aiming for a new league title but also and above all, to pass the course of the quarter-finals of the CAF Champions League. The president of Chabab Mohamed Benelhadj was on a private TV channel the night before last and it was an opportunity for him to come back to the recruitment carried out, but not only since other subjects were discussed. With regard to the recruitment carried out, he assured: “We launched our recruitment operation last April. I must say that it was not at all easy for us and especially to meet the players. Each time, the place changed because once it was at the hotel, another in a cafe, in the car. It wasn’t easy at all, but we did what had to be done. The players we have signed have been recruited on the basis of a meticulous study. I had already said that we were going to recruit wisely and according to our needs.

“I consult El-Kouki and friends helped me”

Still on recruitment, the president said that the coach was aware of all the movements: “What you need to know is that when I met Nabil El-Kouki, I asked him what he wanted reinforcements and from there we were able to move things in the right direction. He defined his needs to me and we were able to bring back the players we wanted. However, it’s not over yet as long as we are still on the trail of two or three players to close the recruitment. It happens according to our way of doing things and in the most total discretion. Before adding: “I must also point out that I was helped in my mission by friends who advised me, otherwise I work with the coach.”

“The hypothesis of a return of Sayoud is not on the agenda”

We had already assured this several times in these same columns and President Belouzidadi has once again confirmed it. Amir Sayoud will not return to the CRB next season. When questioned on the subject, he said: “What I can say is that I am now ruling out the possibility of a return of Sayoud. There is no desire on his part for a return since he is in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, a player like Sayoud is very expensive. Therefore, this option is to be excluded.

“I did not negotiate with Darfalou”

This intervention by Benelhadj was an opportunity for him to deny another piece of information, that which announces that the Algerian champion club is negotiating for the signing of Oussama Darfalou. Moreover, he assures: “I will not talk about the players with whom I am currently negotiating because it is not my habit to do so. However, I can assure you that I did not negotiate with Darfalou. This is not a topical track for us because we are working on other tracks at the moment.

“We will break our piggy bank, if necessary”

The speaker also made it clear that his team is negotiating with an African striker and two Algerian internationals: “I can tell you that we are currently negotiating with an African striker. So far, things are going perfectly well for us. It’s not easy because many clubs are on it, including Al Ahly and Moroccan teams. However, we continue to play our chances in this case. We are also negotiating with two Algerian internationals, but I won’t say names. We work and we will break the bank if necessary to strengthen the team as it should.

“Keeping the executives was an excellent thing”

Once the subject of recruitment was mentioned, the president also pointed out an important point, which is that the club has kept its best players for next season. “I think we have achieved something important and that by managing to keep all our executives for the new season. I was able to convince Draoui to stay and the others are all there. We did the necessary recruitment in the positions that needed reinforcements. At the moment, I’m getting very good feedback from Tunisia where the team is doing its internship. The players are sharp, there is a good atmosphere and a good work dynamic, that’s the most important thing for us.

“We are waiting for the LFP for the presentation of our trophy”

As unlikely as it may seem, Chabab officials have still not had the chance to receive their Algerian champion trophy for the season that has just ended. On this point, Benelhadj throws the ball into the league’s court: “To tell the truth, it’s also a question of timing because the team is in full preparation. However, it is normally up to the league to decide on the issue. On our side, at present, we have sporting imperatives. Once the players have returned, we are waiting for the LFP to be able to celebrate our title.

“Very happy that the supporters are satisfied”

Questioned by the supporters and in particular at the start of the transfer window, Benelhadj reversed the trend since the fans now trust him especially after the transfer window has been completed. In this sense, he says he is happy with this story: “I am not on social networks, so I do not know exactly what is being said. However, I see that there is something positive and that our supporters are satisfied with the recruitment made and we are happy with this story. Now all I tell them is that we will continue to have ambition for next season and that we will aim to go even higher.

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