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American football: Vendéen Jeffrey M’Ba ranked first Junior college player in the USA

In the United States, the Vendéen Jeffrey M’ba was ranked first Junior college player in the country in American football. ©DR

“The dream begins! » Jeffrey M’Baa kid Vendée, continues his American dream. After a few hazards, he was able to return to the United States, integrate a Junior college and show what he is capable of on a field of Football. He has just been elected first player of the country. A distinction which opens the doors of the faculties to him and offers him a new springboard in American football.


Since he was 16, Jeffrey has lived, eaten and grown for the Football. A sport he discovered with the Hussars of La Roche-sur-Yon. His performances seduced the France pole of Bordeaux and in June 2018, he won, with the Kangaroos of Pessac, the French championship.

Two months after this title, the one who nicknamed himself Thanos, in reference to the hero of Marvel who sticks so well to his size of 1.98 m for 144 kg, found himself within the Saint Frances Academy in Baltimore ( United States). As early as 2019, he found himself on the verge of signing at the University of Virginia and playing in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)college championship and breeding ground for future NFL stars (National Football League).

Kansas Independence Junior College

But the path of American football players is difficult, even more so when you are a foreigner. An administrative problem related to his old grades in France prevented him from joining the university. The Fougeréen was then forced to return to France in order to study, and finally get the SAT (Scholastic assessment test)sesame for expatriates who dream of going to American universities.

Displeased, however, Jeffrey tried another route, that of the Jucos (junior college), including the sports organization, the NJCAA (National Junior College Athletic Association) is a sort of antechamber to the NCAA college championship.

Jeffrey finally gave up enrolling in the SAT, the key to integrating a university and the NCAA, and multiplied the steps to find a Juco. “Covid has arrived. In 2020, it was decided to give the SAT to everyone who signed up. I admit that there, it stung a little when I learned that, ”he confides. A regret quickly forgotten since he was accepted at Junior College Independence in Kansas. A school that was entitled to a series, Last Chance Uon Netflix!

First player in the country

At the end of 2020, after a year away from the pitch, Jeffrey focused on his sport and worked hard to “get back into rhythm, get good on the pitch again. I had a hard time getting back to it. It had been months since I had practiced”. Jeffrey had to readapt to the frenetic pace of American training.

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Efforts that have just paid off. With a football season which is normally played in the fall, shifted to the spring because of the Covid, Jeffrey M’ba has had time to regain his level of defender, if not improve it. To the point of finding himself at the top of the table of the ranking of footballers in the country in NJCAA.

“I was ranked first player in the country, all positions combined. I frankly did not believe it, so much I struggled to find my level, ”rejoices the Vendéen again, back in his Vendée for the end of the year celebrations.

Jeffrey becomes an Auburn Tiger

As good news never comes alone, the number 1, courted by a dozen faculties in view of his performance, has just accepted the offer from Auburn University in Alabama where he will join the Tigers of Auburn. A carefully considered choice. “From the day of the visit to Auburn, I felt immediately comfortable and confident. »

With this new stage, the young Vendéen will have the opportunity to show what he is worth in the SEC (Southeastern Conference), considered the best in the NCAA and in which he will play next season.

“I’ve found my form and I’m ready to give everything to get there. »

A new challenge for the Frenchy who will face a competition closely watched by NFL coaches. And the hope at the end of being drafted (recruited) one day and finally reaching the ultimate dream: the super bowl! It’s all the harm we wish him.

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