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Aleksander Ceferin attacks Ligue 1!

In an interview, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin shared his opinion on the championships of France and Germany. And the least we can say is that he did not go there by four paths.

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During a friendly match between Hadjuk Split and Shakhtar Donetsk (3-3)last Sunday, the UEFA president confided in a Croatian media, “Sportske”. Asked about PSG and Bayern Munich, two clubs eliminated from the Champions LeagueAleksander Ceferin allegedly claimed that the two are “dominant in their leagues, but they don’t have a competitive championship in their country.”

Currently, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 championships are ranked respectively 4th and 5th in the UEFA coefficient. England dominate the standings with the Premier Leagueahead of Spain (Liga) and Italy (Serie A).

An English C1 final?

Ceferin took the opportunity to share his opinion on to the future winner of the 2022 edition of the Champions League.

“In a way, I expected that Manchester City be champions, but now Liverpool are extremely strong and Real are like a cat with 10 lives. They have no defence, but Benzema is improving every year. […] They have Vinicius and the rest is nothing. However, they sneak up. Still, I predict the English final.”

A poster “City–Liverpool” in the Champions League final, a new duel at the top between the two contenders for the title of champion of England, the first European championship. Something to make the biggest football and C1 fans dream.

In any case, the UEFA president seems to have admiration for this European Cup. “The City-Real game was the best advertisement for the Champions League. It’s a different world.”

What about the Super League and the Final Four?

The leader, questioned about the project of Super League who had caused controversy in the world of football in the past, was clear on this subject. “It’s over. They’re trying to satisfy their ego a bit more, but it could never work anyway.” he says.

In contrast, the Final Four project would still be relevant. As a reminder, the latter would consist to reform part of the Champions League process.

The Final Four would be based on the same format as the 2020 edition. Clearly, the four remaining teams that reached the semi-finals of the competition would play, no longer over two home and away matches, but over a single meeting, in the same town. The final would also take place in the same city. This type of scenario has happened before at the Luz stadium in Lisbon (Portugal), two years ago, in the post-Covid period.

“It’s a good idea, but you lose a few matches, said President Ceferin. You don’t play home and away, and there are fewer games for TV rights holders.” He ends by stating that he is still too early to share new ideas with the media, but there are plans.”

In addition, UEFA announced last year the implementation of a brand new format for the C1 competition. This would unfold like a mini leaguewhere there would be no return matches at the start.

There wouldn’t be 32 clubs taking part, but 36all distributed in 4 hats made up of 9 teams. This means that the number of matches to be played before the round of 16 would increase frome 125 to 225. This new format is planned from the 2024-2025 season.


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