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AJA in Ligue 1: what is changing this season at the Abbé-Deschamps stadium

While AJ Auxerre is on the way to returning to Ligue 1, the Abbé-Deschamps stadium has had to undergo some adjustments to meet the requirements of the highest level and best accommodate its opponents, its public and the media.

This is one of the topics covered in our 20-page supplement attached to Yonne Républicaine on Thursday August 4, 2022.

PricesThe Auxerre public has, according to the general manager of AJA Baptiste Malherbe, welcomed the pricing policy practiced by the club regarding subscriptions. “We have always wanted to remain very popular. There has been a logical increase linked to the change of division, but we have remained very moderate, in particular by favoring those who were subscribers last year. It is rare for an increase to be also positively welcomed by our public who understood that we wanted to remain accessible. I think that we have managed to find the right balance and we will try to do the same with the ticket office. We know that the support of our supporters will be essential, as at the end of last season,” he said.

Goal-line technologyThis is THE main change: the installation of goal-line technology. This technology, which did not apply to Ligue 2, makes it possible to identify whether the ball has completely crossed the goal line and to notify the referee of the match. As a reminder, this system was put in place for a meeting during the first leg of L1/L2. But this change has been handled by the Professional Football League.

We are also working on the refreshment bars to try to better accommodate the public who are likely to be numerous at the stadium next year.

Baptiste Malherbe (Director General of the AJA)

TV, securityThe Ajaist club was forced to make some necessary adjustments. “We are lucky to have a stadium which is certainly old, but which is ultimately practical, functional and which has been modernized over time. We still have some work to do. There is a subject on the reception of television productions since the controlled area is not very large. Another on the lighting. It is a little more worrying, even if we risk having a little more time because the regulations have changed. We should have a little time to adapt to the Ligue 1 lighting. And then two topics on security: there are a few places where we have to secure the site. And with the incidents of last year, we were asked to strengthen the security of visitor parking” lists the general manager Baptiste Malherbe.

Museum, living roomIn parallel with this “essential” work, certain developments continued during the summer. Namely the creation of the club museum, the expansion of the shop and the establishment of an additional VIP lounge. But that’s not all. “We had to enlarge the press box, strengthen the internet speed, and we are also working on the refreshment bars to try to better accommodate the public who are likely to be numerous at the stadium next year”, continues the person concerned. .

LawnIn addition, as every year, the lawn on the main pitch of the Abbé-Deschamps stadium was completely redone this summer. And even if the high temperatures of the last few weeks have “slowed down the growth”, according to Baptiste Malherbe, it will be ready for the reception of Angers on August 14, for the second day of Ligue 1 and the first home match of the season.

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