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Adrien Rabiot, French football player, between OM and Monaco

Adrien Rabiotborn April 3, 1995 in Saint-Maurice (Val-de-Marne), French football player of the Juventus F.C.could join theOlympic Marseille or As Monaco.

OM Mercato, chances for Marseille on the Rabiot file

OM have embarked on a vast recruitment operation in preparation for the season which will begin in the coming weeks. The Marseille club is thinking of recruiting Adrien Rabiot, according to the journalist Mohamed Toubache-Tera specialist in transfer window issues in France.

According to this colleague, Pablo Longoria, the president of Olympique de Marseille, is thinking of hiring the slender midfielder trained at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Although perfectly integrated into the workforce of Juventus of Turin, the future of the French international footballer would be uncertain.

That said, the chances of seeing Adrien Rabiot at the Marseille club are few. Firstly because the player is a pure product of the training center of the great rival, Paris SG, but also because he benefits from more advantageous contractual conditions at the Italian club.

Can AS Monaco succeed where Marseille is struggling?

In addition to OM, As Monaco is announced to be on the heels of the player. According to the Italian press, the Rock club has a crush on the native of Saint-Maurice whom he would see well positioned as the boss of his midfield. But like the Marseille team, Monaco also comes up against the midfielder’s salary conditions. Adrien Rabiot indeed earns 7 million euros in salary per season, the second highest salary at the Italian club.

The Manchester City years

Although the Frenchman lived in the Paris region, the playground of Paris SG, he had to make a detour to Manchester City before continuing his training at the capital club later.

After US Créteil-Lusitanos, he joined the US Alfortville training center. Returned to US Créteil-Lusitanos, he will be noticed by Manchester City who will send him to England. But after less than a year, he returned to France where he joined the young people of Pau FC. The Pôle Espoirs de Castelmaurou then recovers it before its detection by Paris Saint-Germain.

Where does Adrien Rabiot play?

Adrien Rabiot currently plays at Juventus Turin FC, the club he joined when he left PSG against the advice of his former leaders. While the Parc des Princes supporters begged him to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, the Parisian Titi preferred to sign with the Italian football giant.

Adrien Rabiot came close to regretting his sudden departure from Paris Saint-Germain since he was not a starter at Juventus Turin in the first months of his arrival. He will have waited for his second season to really settle into the Italian club’s playing system.

Adrien Rabiot’s record at Paris Saint-Germain and in football

In his first real year as a Paris Saint-Germain pro team, it was in 2013, Adrien Rabiot won the Ligue 1 title. The following year, PSG were again French champions without the young midfielder. of land then on loan to Toulouse FC.

The following two years, the Parisian club repeated the feat by snatching the titles in the Ligue 1 Championship (2015 and 2016) before being surprised by AS Monaco in 2017. That year, the club from the capital had finished Vice-Champion of France. Adrien Rabiot again participated in the club’s success in Ligue 1 in 2018 and 2019 before his departure to Juve.

His time at Toulouse FC

Adrien Rabiot went through Toulouse FC as part of a one-season loan. In the minds of the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain, this loan was to allow him to harden up for competition. We can say that the bet was crowned with success since on his return to the Parc des Princes, he was more useful to the Parisian club.

The leaders of Toulouse FC would have liked to keep him for another season, but both for the leaders and for the player, the idea of ​​staying a season away from his base was no longer conceivable. He will therefore only have played 13 football matches with the TFC where he still scored 1 goal.

The player’s titles at Juventus

In Italy, with Juventus Turin, Adrien Rabiot was Serie A champion in 2020. He won an Italian Cup in 2021. The title of winner of the 2020 Italian Super Coup also hangs in his trophy cabinet. .

Rabiot from PSG to the French football team at what age?

It is also by evolving under the PSG jersey that Adrien Rabiot was able to integrate the selection into the French team. The young midfielder was then 21 years old in 2016 when he was called up. He evolved with the Blues until he slammed the door in 2018 before the World Cup. Didier Deschamps, then coach of the Blues, felt that the player had made a big mistake. After several years without international competitions, he was called up again.

The role of Véronique Rabiot in the transfer of her son to Juve

Véronique Rabiot, the mother of Adrien Rabiot, is an influential woman in the world of football. She played an important role in the transfer of her son from PSG to Juventus. While the young midfielder was criticized for his choice by the profession, she stood up to all the commentators to allow her son to live from his passion. She has always been on the front line in defending the interests of her son, whose career she manages with an iron fist.

Who is the father of Adrien Rabiot, his origin

Michel Provost, the father of Adrien Rabiot died on October 28, 2018 during the Ligue 1 football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille at the Vélodrome stadium. During this classico, PSG beat OM 2-0 to the chagrin of Olympian fans.

The footballer is from Saint-Maurice, a French town located in the Val-de-Marne department (in the Île-de-France region). Previously Charreton-Saint-Maurice, this town changed its name in 1843.

Awards: Adrien Rabiot, king of the League Cup and Ligue 1

Ligue’s cup : Adrian Rabiot has won the Coupe de la Ligue with PSG several times. It should be noted that the Coupe de la Ligue no longer exists. Indeed, the League Cup, created in 1994 lasted until 2020, the year of its abandonment by the Professional Football League (LFP).

League Cup matches allowed all professional teams in France to compete in direct elimination. PSG have won 9 League Cup champion trophies, which makes them the record holder ahead of OM (3), Bordeaux (3) and RC Strasbourg (3).

Adrien Rabiot won 4 Coupe de la Ligue trophies in the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 seasons. The 2018 trophy was his last in the Coupe de la Ligue as he left France for Italy.

League 1 : In addition to the Coupe de la Ligue, Adrien Rabiot has mainly won several trophies in Ligue 1. All the years he spent at Paris Saint-Germain, the club won the flagship trophy of French football. Apart from the 2017 season, he was 6 times Ligue 1 champion with Paris. It was during the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 seasons that the slender French midfielder triumphed with the Rouge et Bleu.

In reality, the footballer is much more successful in the League Cup than in all other competitions.

Champions Trophy : Adrian Rabiot played an important role in PSG’s victories at the Trophée des Champions during his time with the team. It should be noted that the Trophée des Champions is contested in one go by the reigning French Ligue 1 champion against the winner of the Coupe de France. He has also won the Coupe de France twice.

Princes Park : Adrien Rabiot having left the Parc des Princes on bad terms with the supporters, he should suffer a few insults on his return and even more if he does so in the jersey of Olympique de Marseille, his current main courtier. OM is indeed PSG’s biggest rival in French football.

How tall is Adrien Rabiot?

Adrien Rabiot is one of the tallest French football players. It measures 190m.

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