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A look back at the Mastiffs who wore 27, Mohamed Bayo’s number

Mohamed Bayo, the latest LOSC recruit, arrives in the North keeping his number 27, a number that has been worn by players who have more or less marked LOSC in the 21st century. Summary.

Players who scored during their spell

A few number 27s have inscribed their name in the history of the club, whether through their attachment to the jersey, their mentality, their statistics or their contributions to certain trophies.

Fernand D’Amico (1999-2003)

Arrived at LOSC in 1999 from the Spanish club Badajoz. The Argentinian defensive midfielder will play 132 games for the Mastiffs. But it is above all his fighting spirit on the pitch and his love of the jersey that the supporters will remember. A surly player who never spares his efforts, he will be one of the best No. 27s in LOSC. Fernando D’Amico is still a fervent supporter of the Mastiffs today.

Kevin Mirallas (2004-2008)

Kévin Mirallas finished his training at LOSC in 2004 and played with the first team in 2005. During his first game with the pros, against PSG, the Belgian striker took only three minutes before scoring his first goal. The latter is all the more important since it offers victory to LOSC. He will play in the North 94 games and will score 12 goals.

Gervinho (2009-2011)

Gervinho arrived in the North of France in 2009 against 6.5 million euros. He will only stay two seasons but will be able to mark them with his mark. During his first year with the Mastiffs, the former Mastiff finished as the club’s top scorer tied with Yohan Cabaye with 13 goals and second best passer with 8 units, just behind Eden Hazard. During his second season, he finished LOSC’s top assist and second top scorer, contributing significantly to the historic 2011 Cup-Championship double.

Divock Origi (2013-2015)

Trained at LOSC, Divock Origi played in the North of France from 2013 to 2014 then from 2014 to 2015 in the form of a loan from Liverpool. He will play at LOSC 89 games and will score 16 goals. During his second season in Lille, the Belgian international will be the club’s second best scorer with 8 goals and second best assistor with 4 assists, behind Sofiane Boufal.

Some who did not know how to impose themselves

Other players, without necessarily completely missing their passage, did not know how to leave a big mark in the history of LOSC.

Jeremy Taravel (2008-2009)

Jérémy Taravel will initially be with the under-18s of LOSC then will remain at CFA level, not imposing himself enough to be with the first team.

Naim Sliti (2016-2017)

Naïm Sliti arrives at LOSC from Red Star. He was loaned to LOSC in 2016 with a mandatory purchase option. In the North of France, he will only score two goals in a season, playing only 18 games in the jersey of LOSC.

Hamza Mendyl (2017-2018)

After finishing his training at LOSC, Hamza Mendyl joined the professional group in 2017. The Moroccan will play 16 games in a season that will not be either an individual success for him or a collective one. The former international, however, has the merit of having contributed to the maintenance of the Mastiffs. He was then transferred to Schalke 04 in Germany.

Sheikh Niasse (2020-2022)

Also trained at LOSC, Cheikh Niasse only played with the pros 7 times in 2 seasons. A number of matches with which he will not really be able to show himself.

Others who flopped

Finally, some numbers 27 have totally disappointed, missing their time with the Mastiffs.

Ali Lukunku (2003-2004)

Ali Lukunku was loaned to LOSC by Galatasaray in December 2003. With Les Dogues, the Congolese only played one game in six months.

Ireneusz Jelen (2011-2012)

On August 30, 2011, the Pole was transferred from Auxerre to LOSC for one season. Barred by Nolan Roux, Jelen who is considered one of the best players in Poland does not play much with the LOSC jersey and will not be able to shake up the hierarchy. He will only have 19 appearances for the Mastiffs and will score four goals.

Baptiste Guillaume (2015-2016)

Trained at RC Lens and after two seasons with the Sang et Or, Baptiste Guillaume joined LOSC in 2015. In one season, he only played 12 games without scoring a single goal and quickly lost his place. He will then be loaned to RC Strasbourg the following season.


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