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A historic flavor awaits Rodez and Nîmes who face Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne this weekend

History is written this weekend for Rodez and Nîmes. The story of David against Goliath with football sauce, Ligue 2 version 2022 edition. This Saturday, in Rodez, the Aveyronnais will try to force their destiny against Bordeaux, a monster with a broken leg (7 p.m.) while the Nîmes will challenge Saint-Étienne, at his home (3 p.m.).

Duels against two monuments of French football, who do not intend to forget their golden age so quickly. Football fans never forget. Between them, Saint-Étienne and Bordeaux have won sixteen French championship titles.

A “little one” with big ambitions

Opposite, it’s not the same track record… Rodez Aveyron Football has often oscillated between the different divisions, moving from the professional world to the semi-pro very regularly. In May 2017, the “Sang et Or” went back to the National, after six years spent in the CFA.

Twenty-four years after their first ascent to the 2nd division, in June 1988, Rodez is continuing its career in Ligue 2 this year, after finishing 17th last year.

For the most fervent supporters, like Gilles Gallopin, treasurer of the Ruthenian kop, this is a new chapter in the history of Rodez. It is enormous. We can have luck, it can smile on us, we hope to do a fifth season in Ligue 2. We are not a big city, like Marseille or Paris, I personally hope that we will be able to evolve as we go. over time with a trainer who has been there for eight years (Laurent Peyrelade, since summer 2015).

A scent of Ligue 1

On the side of Nîmes, after a descent into Ligue 2 during the 2020-2021 season, this match against Saint-Étienne plunges crocos supporters back a few years back into the joy and euphoria of first division matches.

ud83cudf99 Jimmy Giraudon: “Nîmes is a team that we know. A team that will come to Geoffroy-Guichard with nothing to lose. It will be a complicated match, we know that.”

– AS Saint-Etienne (@ASSEofficiel) August 4, 2022

For Nîmes supporters like Cyril Roure, president of Némausu 2013, “The matches between Saint-Étienne and Nîmes are always big matches with a lot of supporters”. Ironically, this reunion between Nîmes and Stéphanois will take place behind closed doors.

This Thursday, at the Bastide training center, while the “Red and White” chained volleys and crosses with more or less success, the thirty Gardois present remained hopeful.

With the camera, there is a way to do something “, confided one of them. Thomas, Nîmes jersey on his shoulders, watched with an attentive eye the combinations of Nicolas Usaï’s men. Saint-Étienne is coming back from a defeat like us but they come down from Ligue 1, it’s a little harder for them.

This weekend’s matches will therefore open a new page in the history of these clubs, perhaps decisive for the rest of the championship.

The nostalgia of memories / Words from supporters

Gilles Gallopin, Rodez: “The first memory that comes to mind when I think of Bordeaux is the round of 16 of the F

Jean-Luc Benoit, Nimes: “Saint-Etienne is a monument of French football, but here we are more in the chapter “memories memories” because Saint-Etienne has been rowing for a few years, perhaps because of bad management choices. or recruitment. There is still this image of the Greens with Platini, Larqué, etc. But it is fading. It still sounds like an important name but not like before. They are in Ligue 2 now, but it is not for all that infamy, the clubs in this championship are solid.”


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