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For the first semi-final in their history in a Euro, the Blues are tackling a big piece this Wednesday evening in Milton Keynes (9 p.m.): Germany. Eight-time European champion, the Frauen-Nationalmannschaft, who has not won a single title for six years, is looking to reconnect with its glorious past, with a group that resembles that of Corinne Deacon in broad outline. With one difference and it is significant: Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s players are extremely effective, offensively and defensively. To win, it will therefore be necessary to steal from the Germans their two favorite adjectives: “clinical” and “surgical”.

07/27/2022 at 9 p.m.

Euro 2022

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The formula is known: watch out for the injured animal. While at the start of the Euro, the bookmakers ranked Germany second – or even third – among the contenders for the final title, Martina Voss-Tecklenburg’s team has emerged as a more than solid candidate. The only nation in the tournament to still not have conceded a goal and guilty of a few blows (4-0 against Denmark, 3-0 against Finland…) Frauen-Nationalmannschaft masked advance, but with disconcerting serenity. And it is not the absence of left winger Klara Bühl, who will miss the semi-final against France due to a positive Covid test, which will change much. Like the Blues, the Germans represent a mixed group, made up of experienced executives (Däbritz, Huth, Hendrich, without forgetting Alexandra Popp) responsible for surrounding a new generation which is beginning to assert itself at the highest level (Giulia Gwinn, Jule Brand, who should start in place of Bühl and above all, Lena Oberdorf in midfield). And like the Blues, the Germans have a title to seek. But not for the same reasons, since they have already won the Euro six times in a row between 1995 and 2013. Except that since then, apart from a gold medal at the Olympic Games, nothing. This European championship is therefore there to prove to everyone that Germany, despite its fifth place in the FIFA rankings, remains a giant of world football. Asleep perhaps, but more than ever ready to wake up. In any case, “it will be 50-50” swore German coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg who herself recognizes “similarities” between the two teams and “[s]I look forward to this very exciting game ahead. »

Germany wins you over

As against the Netherlands, winner of the previous edition, the France team will therefore not start as favorites. But there again, the Blues are ready to go into battle without complex: “There are no doubts, my players have no doubts. They are confident, and aware of what they failed to do in the last gamesaid Corinne Deacon in the pre-match conference. There is no concern on our side. We haven’t done any specific psychological work, there’s no need for it. » Without complex does not mean with arrogance. For Captain Wendie Renard, France and Germany are “two great footballing nations” with the only difference that “[le palmarès des Bleues]is blank. But we’re both in the semi-finals, so it’s up to us to be determined and efficient in both areas.” . If we like to associate Germany with the adjectives “clinical” and “surgical”, in the semi-finals, France will absolutely have to appropriate them too because, unlike the Dutch at the end of their cycle, the Germans are in full possession of their means and should certainly not be so passive, nor in lack of success. Their latest releases are the best illustration of this.

So what to do? “I’m not going to tell you the secret to breaking through the German defence, but I’ve already talked about it with my attackers” Slipped Corinne Deacon, without giving the slightest clue about her starting XI, but recalling that, again, “the game plan will remain the same” . In any case, from a symbolic point of view, neither the coach nor her captain recognize themselves in the footballing liabilities between France and Germany. At most Wendie Renard admits that “France-Germany have always been big matches, and that’s what we like” . Corinne Deacon, for her part, ensures that the group “has not had this state of mind since the start of the competition. We are focused on ourselves and on what we need to improve. We are not in the idea of “do something” facing this great nation that is overtitled. We just have to stay focused on the goal we have set ourselves. » Understand: the final. “Given his qualities, if France wins, his place at Wembley will be deserved” , concluded Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. In the meantime, Wendie Renard revealed the upcoming program: “It will be a fight”. And they are 22, ready to win.

By Julien Duez, in Milton Keynes



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