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ᑕ❶ᑐ Football Manager 22: The best budget forwards you need to pick up

Of all the many changes and tactical changes that have been made in recent years, the adaptation of the striker role has been one of the most interesting and drastic. Previously, strikers were tasked with little more than one thing: putting the ball in the back of the net. This is almost entirely what forwards would be judged on, and they would often have little or no involvement in building or defending their team. Today, however, most teams expect their striker(s) to be fully involved in ramping up attacks and defending through high or low pressing. from a deep drop.

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Therefore, finding high-quality attackers at low prices can be a real challenge today, as those who have adapted well to the modern game have already been snapped up by other teams or are only available at exorbitant prices. . Fortunately, there are a handful of budget options in Soccer Coach 22 who can lead the line for a team at a reduced price.

5 Joelinton

When Joelinton joined Newcastle on a club-record six-year deal and was handed the club’s legendary number nine shirt which was once worn by Alan Shearer, there were huge expectations the Brazilian would spearhead the team attack and would carry them to the League Table. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Joelinton struggled to make an impact in the Premier League and Newcastle United placed the striker on the transfer list.

This negativity surrounding Joelinton may make him an odd choice for this list. However, Joelinton is on the transfer list for just $7.4m which is a fraction of what the English side paid for him. Moreover, Joelinton still has great stats, and there’s a very good chance a top manager could finally help the 25-year-old reach his full potential.

Joelinton isn’t a guaranteed hit, but he’s low risk at $7.4m and could become an invaluable player outside of the Premier League.

4 Alfred Morelos

Alfredo Morelos is a Colombian striker who currently plays for Scottish Rangers, where he is mainly known for two things: his prolific goalscoring and fiery temper, which contributed to his huge five red cards in a single season in 2018-2019. As of this writing, Morelos has 105 goals in 207 appearances for Rangers which would usually be enough to see the player move up to one of Europe’s top leagues. However, that move has yet to happen, likely due to his disciplinary record.

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Morelos has an aggression stat of 18 in Soccer Coach 22which could cause problems in the field. However, the number of goals Morelos has recorded makes him a tempting option, especially as Rangers are only likely to ask around $12m for him. For managers who think they can control Morelos’ reckless tackles, he could be an incredible budget signing.

3 Facundo Colidio

Facundo Colidio is the cheapest option on this list as Inter Milan will likely only charge around $500,000 for their young striker. Although Colidio is still a raw talent, at just 21 he still has plenty of time to develop into a complete striker.

The Argentine’s main strength is his Off The Ball stat of 15, which makes the striker elusive in the box and efficient at finishing crosses. Unfortunately, teams will only get the most out of this trait if they instruct their wide players to land low crosses, as Colidio has a cap stat of just 9. While this can be worked on on the training ground, managers will have to keep this. in mind when signing it.

Despite his shortcomings, Colidio is still a fantastic budget signing. For teams with cash to spare, it may be worth signing Colidio and then sending him out on loan straight away. For teams with tighter budgets, it’s worth noting that the player is on loan from Inter, giving teams the chance to try before they buy.

2 Moussa Dembele – The best of Moussa Dembele

From the cheapest option on this list to the most expensive, Moussa Dembele will likely cost around $15m which will put him out of many teams’ price range. However, Moussa Dembele still qualifies for this list as he is undoubtedly a budget option for top teams with cash to spend, especially as teams have reportedly considered spending around $60m on him there. just a few seasons ago.

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Dembele started his professional career at Fulham before joining Celtic and then Lyon. Wherever Dembele played, he was one of the standout players in the team and always found the back of the net. Dembele suffered a blow last season though, which is why his price has dropped so drastically. Still, the French striker boasts an excellent range of stats that could see him become the starting striker for any team in the world.

Unfortunately for Zaza, the Italian is best remembered today for his infamous miss against Germany at Euro 2016, where he took a bizarrely long run before blasting the ball over the bar. Beyond that, however, Zaza is a fantastic option for those looking for a modern, hard-working striker who will press from the front and fight for the ball.

The Italian is by no means the most prolific scorer, but for gegenpressing teams that play with two forwards or with two inside forwards on either side of him, Zaza is a steal at around $8m for his ability to win the ball and start. high end attack.

Soccer Coach 22 is now available for PC, Xbox and Mobile.


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